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Author Topic: My boyfriend and I had a dumb arguement and now he's acting strange

April 17, 2019, 12:38:51 AM
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So... I have known my current boyfriend for about 16 years. He is actually my son's fathers cousin. We used to be close friends when i was dating my ex husband but never anything more. When he called me and asked if i wanted to go dancing as friends i said yes we used to do it all the time amd had tons of fun. I wasn't really wanting a relationship. I was wanting more of a friends with benefits type scenario. I wasn't actually thinking he should fill that role but the night we went out we drank we had so much fun amd things happened. I told him i had been hurt alot in the past and that i didn't fall in love easily. He started telling me that he wasn't sure if he could continue to see me as fwb bc he was catching feelings and he felt i was going to hurt him. He ended up cracking the block of ice around my heart and i emded up also catching feelings for him although his were stronger bc very quickly he started telling me he loved me. I told him i wasnt there yet emotionally but that i cared for him. He treated me amazingly. Never made me feel like i was anything less than his most prized possession. Fast forward a bit. Now we are talking about moving in together. He had been neglecting spending time with hia daughter to always be with me. I told him he needed to spend time with her and that i would be fine and that i would be upset if he didnt spend time with her. He normally texts all day and calls way more than I'd like bc i do not like talking on the phone... But it shows he cares. So he told me he was planning on coming to my place around 5pm. 5pm rolls around i dont hear from him. I also dont reach out bc i dont want him thinking im rushing his time with her. He ends up calling around 9 saying that her mother is MIA and he doesn't know whats going on. He had told me his ex didnt even know where he lived. She ended up picking up their daughter at 2am on a school night. He works at 5am so no way he was coming over. Then the next day he shows up and tells me im acting weird. I have been under alot of stress so its very possible bc im the type that retreats into theirselves when stressed. We ended up talking and then we were looking for some paperwork in his car and i notoced that the 2 condoms he had in the center console were missing. He tells me that he has them in his pocket for later. I drop the issue. He asked me if i thought he would be capable of cheating on me. I said i dont know. He got angry. He wanted me to say no. He says that i dont trust him. I said no excuse me, you have been acting strange and then i see that and i asked. If i didnt trust you i would have told you that you most likely bought more to replace those and that what were u doing and with who and show me ur phone. It just would have been much worse. I dropped it immediately. He kept going and arguing all night. Ruined the entire night even after i apologized. I told him that its not fair of me to assume the worst of him bc of others previous mistakes. I told him i work hard daily not to distrust him bc of what ive been thru. I told him im not perfect and will have moments of weakness. He said to leave it in the past. Yet today he has been distant and cold and still told me to work on the place we are planning to get together but minimal calls minimal texts. He cancelled coming over at the last minute. Saying he had to be at work at 3am. No good night text. No i miss you. No i love you. Nothing!!!!!!! I sent him a text telling him that i cant believe how cold he was all day and that i feel hes changing. And that if he wants to end this to simply say so. I said if hes interested in someone else say so. If you feel you will be better off alone just say so. But please do not make me suffer do not make me lose sleep wondering. Do not make me feel everything i didn't want to feel which was exactly why i didn't want a serious relationship. I have yet to hear back after that text but i would like opinions or thoughts. What do you guys think is going on. Or what is he thinking. Or what should i do? Should i back off and let him initiate all communication? What do i do???


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