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Author Topic: Man problems

August 20, 2020, 09:54:35 PM
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Before Covid-19 Have not been there in will be 5 months in August but I volunteer at a place where two men let's call one Mark the other one Jared not real names to protect identities. Mark works for and Jared volunteers for the same place I do. Mark gets jealous, loses his temper towards Jared for talking to me, spending time with me. Some of the ladies don't want to come back who volunteer there on the day that I go because of it . One lady even I think quit. The ladies always look at me with this expression on their faces because they think I don't know about it. Mark keeps Jared away from me at all costs I feel like I am Mark's job. Does this Jared guy like me I guess so. Oh ya and Jared also used to tease me kind of like a (I didn't know you were here are you trying to sneak past me) kind of thing that all went away once Mark found out. I have overheard Jared complaining he can not come over and talk to me.  I am also shy in person and the last thing I want is to become more shy. I wear a uniform on this volunteer job so when I talk to others even guys in a professional friendly manner it shouldn't matter right? I even think that Mark got suspended without pay for maybe 2 weeks in January he came in as a member of the public with some lady I swear on life that was him. I am thinking he got free meals from her, got his Job back don't know how. Mark does not want me to know any of this information so anytime I hear Jared talking to other volunteers or employees about me Mark makes sure he does not come anywhere near me. I let Mark talk to women in a professional manner whether he goes to their houses and I don't lose my temper or get jealous. Mark has never told me not to talk to other men, he can't not even get up the courage to walk in and say something/ anything.  I know he is busy I let him do his job why won't he let me do mine. Also if this Mark guy is still there hoping to see me after 5 why would he. I have also read that if a guy looks at you like the Lindor man looks at chocolate you have a keeper. Mark looks at me like that. If you google Anne with an E and the way Gilbert looks at her.... 100% the way Mark looks at me. I also watch young sheldon one episode where Georgie when he has a girlfriend is talking to his crush and his crush says are you supposed to be talking to me or something like that and Georgie says I guess not. What should I do , is any of this normal for guy behavior? I read an article saying testosterone brings out the worst in men.

August 21, 2020, 04:49:23 PM
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personaLLY this helped me give it a try https://bit.ly/2EsHMoY


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