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Author Topic: I’ve ghosted him for 2 years...

November 04, 2019, 02:22:15 AM
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I walked out of his life after a year of being  persistently pursued but finding out he had a gf. We met freshman year of college and he was crazy about me. Teasingly chasing me around campus, talking to others about me, befriending my friends and more. It got to the point where an employee at a local facility told me that he calls me his “better half”. Through it all I would ignore him because I found out at the very beginning that he had an on and off again girlfriend. But this didn’t stop him or others from helping him get me. I really liked him but I never gave him a chance since he was taken. Absolutely nothing happened between us but he was always around the corner watching and trying to get my attention.

 I would be lying if I said I didn’t like the attention since I did like him before I found out he was taken. He liked me so much that his girlfriend knew and tried to befriend me but I didn’t allow it. A little background story on his relationship with his gf; they dated for 5 months and he broke up with her. They were broken up for a year and during that year they were still dealing with each other. After their breakup he was still trying to be friends with me but I just didn’t allow it. He had too many red flags. When I refused to speak to him, months later he got back with his gf. During this time we had classes together and he was very upset. When he got back with her he still continued his little puppy love chase with me. I couldn’t do much about it as he wasn’t verbally telling me he wanted me but the stalking and chasing was obvious. At this point ppl knew he liked me and insisted he was a good guy stuck with a crazy obsessive gf. Mutual friends said he felt like he was in a marriage with his gf. He had broken up with her countless times but she still found a way back in his life. I naively started to excuse his behavior by thinking he was stuck in the relationship. This was all I could do considering he wasn’t leaving me alone.

His gf went to college 4 hours away and he became even more persistent. I started to like the attention and have feelings for him. But still I would ignore him. I started to get invested in their relationship trying to understand how he could chase me even in her presence, break up with her every week, get ppl to know he liked me and yet she would stay with him. There relationship was beyond toxic and I regretted even knowing about it. His gf though was excellent at pretending everything was perfect.

I finally cut him off when I saw nothing was changing. Silly me for thinking he would leave the supposed crazy gf. A friend of mine had shown me his social media and his gf had obviously posted about their TWO year anniversary on his social media but made it seemed like it was him who posted. It was then that I realized their relationship was serious. I had thought it was a casual on and off college relationship. That’s when I found out about their toxic on and off cycle. Somehow he found out that I knew about it and he disappeared for days and came back thinking I was no longer mad. When he saw me he tried to speak to me which was a first since he would only follow me around like a lost puppy. I turned away from him and walked away. He pleaded to know what was wrong but I didn’t respond. My friends who watched from afar said he looked very hurt. I have a hard time feeling bad for him considering weeks after he had given his gf a promise ring that she asked him to get her. A month after getting her the promise ring he broke up with her. She suddenly started to visit in town every day. Keep in mind her school was 4 hours away. Her parents would drive 4 hours to and from college every day. By the next semester she transferred to the college that him and I attend. By this time I had ghosted him for 6 months until I ran into his best friend who wanted to speak to me but I refused to listen. Since then I’ve ghosted him for 2 years. We run into each other frequently on campus and while I try to pretend I don’t see him, he goes out of his way to speak to me briefly. But never speak on what happened. Last time I saw him at the gym and his ex gf was there (not surprised). Although they were not interacting with each other she was watching him. I tried to leave unnoticed but as always he saw me and tried to talk. I immediately walked away from him and according to a friend of mine, he just sadly stood there with his arms out and watched me leave. About a year later I found out he had made a fake account and has been following me on my private snapchat. It’s been a total of 2 years since I ghosted him with frequent running into each other’s at school and he is still watching me on that account. Idk why I haven’t deleted him off but I guess it’s the satisfaction of him seeing me move on.

I’ve been moving on of course but I’m still haunted by what happened. A part of me knows that I need to leave him in the past. But the other part of feels like perhaps there was something I didn’t know. Advice?

November 12, 2019, 08:05:16 AM
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Do you really need it? Two crazy people found each other. Are you looking for attention? Is it pleasure for you his attention? While his is around you, you can't have a normal boyfriend, do you need it? Stop this game, if you a normal girl you don't need this headache. Sooner you will have a normal bf.


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