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Author Topic: Is this emotional abuse?

November 07, 2019, 06:00:57 AM
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I've been together with my boyfriend for almost 3 years and together we have a daughter that's almost 2yrs old (I found out I was pregnant 3mnths in). Over the past year him and I have been fighting more and more. It all started after having my daughter and my mental health took a kicking and I stopped wanting to have sex on more occasions than I would want to. He began asking me to just have sex with him "for him" kind of thing and to give him handjobs. I would do it as I felt bad especially since he stated sex is really important to him.

He then began to make comments on my eating habits and weight because I wasnt back to my pre baby weight (still not), and whenever i cut my hair he would say I wasn't as attractive as i was with long hair and would leave me with the baby all the time to do what he wanted, barely helped out. This stuff would continue on.

Fast forward to the past 7 months. I got a job where I work shift work and weird hours and hes mostly with the baby. He will now get mad at me if I'm not doing housework the moment I'm off or the days I have off. Also, as soon as I'm home he takes off or stays in the garage. (He will only wash dishes when it is literally necessary because all are dirty and will only wash and dry clothes will never fold or put away). He began using "Start being a mother" when I want to sleep a little bit more. Whenever I express my frustrations I'm told I'm being whiny, I'm being overly sensitive or im asked If it's my time of the month. He's usually only nice to me when he wants sex and if I say no, and then no again to just doing it for him he becomes moody and cranky with me and uses "you're not attracted to me anymore". Anytime we try to talk about our issues (not saying I'm a saint, yes I get quite cranky with him and I'll admit it) he always justifies his comments or actions. I just dont know what to do. My family and friends all just tell me I cant just leave because my schedule will make it hard to parent my daughter and that all our problems are miscommunication. Any advice is welcomed!

November 07, 2019, 08:43:38 AM
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Captain Black

I see numerous problems and potential problems here. Basically you both need to get around a table and talk to each other to sort your differences . Sooner rather than later . Compromising from both sides will be needed . Communication is essential in a relationship. If you can't settle your differences ,then consider seeing a Relationship Counsellor.


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