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Author Topic: How do you initiate conversations with girls online without being creepy?

April 20, 2018, 06:10:20 AM
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Hello guys and girls,

How do you initiate conversations with girls online without being creepy? I've seen a lot of memes about other races that strike a conversation with girls on social media, especially on Facebook. They comment publicly on girls' profile picture in hopes of starting a relationship with them which is both creepy and awkward.

So how do we talk online to girls and see if they are also interested? Without being creepy and awkward of course.


April 20, 2018, 07:47:27 AM
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Firstly, you cannot blame us if we're kind of suspicious when you suddenly ping us and wanted to talk to us especially when we're total strangers. You need to understand that we're just very cautious. Nowadays, news about crimes which just started with a simple 'hello' using a chat apps are very rampant.

Starting a conversation with a total stranger is awkward indeed. We can't do something about it.But you can try to turn the table eventually by using the right words. I'll give a list of acceptable and not acceptable questions/ topics/ things that you can talk with a girl.(this is just based on my experience,okay? ;))

- If you want to have the conversation flowing or still continue and not being boring,( in short, the girl ignore your message or block you) ask open-ended questions. Are you familiar with the 20 questions games where you're taking turns to ask questions to each other?  This will keep the conversation going. I can bet, this will work!  ;D
-NEVER! as in Never as ask a girl what she's wearing. Oh my gosh! Who in the right mind will ask and answer that? (to be honest, there were some, but you know what they're up to) This will give the girl the impression that you're just want to hook up and you're not up for a serious or decent relationship.
-Stop saying that you wanted to cuddle. We know what you're up to. ???
-'What are you up to?' I seriously find it hard to answer this question. You might try to ask other things.
-Try to be the one leading the conversation.
-Take your time. I believe that a good relationship is not built over night. You can eventually raise the topic about a serious relationship with in the right time. When is that? I don't know either.  ;D ;D ;D Sorry. But I know that you can feel it as to when you can ask her 'that' question.
-And the very important advice that I can give is that, a girl will not waste their time on you if they're not also interested in you. Girls will still give you some hints if they're just being polite with you and don't want to break you heart immediately.

So that's it! Hope this'll help  ;D
I want to know if this is truly helpful you can email me for updates.  ;)

April 21, 2018, 04:34:02 AM
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I see. Thanks for the very detailed response. I will have to try and learn the 20 questions game that you mentioned. Maybe this could be effective for me.

Thanks again!

April 27, 2018, 10:00:17 PM
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Patrick Y

Comments and even likes on pictures will make some women defriend you.  However, though, others like it!  So it depends on the woman's personality which you need to know.  Nonetheless, it can be impossible to know it.

May 21, 2018, 05:59:24 AM
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I'm thinking it's just like with any other so-called game. You have to be more slick and no the right moves.  I mean, I'm sure plenty of guys can get chicks online.  It's not a big deal!


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