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Author Topic: how do i know if he is the one?

December 28, 2019, 01:17:47 AM
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I have been dating this guy for a little over a month and I just can't seem to wonder if he is the one. I know, we have been only dating a month or so it is insane to even ponder this question but I don't think anybody can understand how well we clique. We can talk for hours, 5+hour phone conversations is a norm for us. Our relationship started and continues to be our foundation from a super strong friendship that has blossomed into something more romantic. Our communication is so good it's like I'm in heaven, he's literally my best friend (cringe, I know) but it's true! I favor talking with him over my friends because we listen to each other equally, not one way or another. My insecurities have been brought up the more we date and I am super resentful to share them as I am very anxious but he so patient with me and when they are he eradicates them from existence with his logic, it's sooo hot. He wants me to do well and always make sure that I am okay. He talks about our relationship in the future as if we would last for years, even saying that he may take me to his hometown "if we last". That means he sees a future too, right? He is also outrageosuly smart, driven, and considerate that he honeslty inspires me to be a better person yet he says the same thing about me! I suppose we are opposites but damn does it work!!
Again, I just wonder, god do I frickin wonder, could I have potentially found the one? I just look at him, and god he is just so familiar to me yet we have known each other for only 4ish months collectively. It's an amazing feeling yet a scary one because I don't want to put an expectation on him that could be broken? How can I handle this thought healthy??

January 17, 2020, 05:40:22 PM
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I'd keep an open mind. I'd really work for the relationship; get to really know each other, all the normal stuff. Give it time, don't rush anything, and just let everything flow. Meeting his family and friends, and him meeting your family and friends will be a big step. Just keep in mind that it is early days, but if you know you're both feeling the same way, then there's no reason why he shouldn't be the one. If you think about it, a relationship where you can't imagine a future with the person is almost always destined to end. So just keep treating the relationship normally, and any thoughts you have will be healthy.

January 20, 2020, 06:25:42 AM
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Hello... am new here. I think you two should meet in real. Then only can you know for sure in your heart if he is the one :). Good luck ❤️

January 20, 2020, 02:27:33 PM
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My mum always told me the best thing you can do in a relationship is not put expectations on it, if it’s meant to last it will (: