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Author Topic: Honest Advice Needed

August 27, 2019, 07:19:56 PM
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A few months ago, I matched with a guy I work with on Tinder. We went on a couple of dates and hit it off straight away!

Right from the start, he told me that he was just out of a 5 year relationship. He was very open and honest about the situation and told me exactly where he was with things with her.

A day after our third date, he messaged me to tell me that he wanted us to pause things. He told me he was not fully over his previous relationship and that until he was over that, he didn’t want us to go anywhere as he felt it wouldn’t give us a real chance. He said that if I was still single when he was ready, we could try again if I was still interested. Though he also told me not to wait as he wasn’t sure how long it would take him and didn’t want me to miss another opportunity waiting on him.

The thing is, I know he’s worth the wait.

A few weeks ago I messaged him just to see how he was doing as it’s not very easy for us to chat in the office as we’re both so busy. He told me his head was all over the place and he was up to his eyes with work.

The other day I was on Tinder I noticed that he had added up loads of new pics onto his profile which has me confused.

I’m not sure if that means he’s ready to start dating again?

I’ve gone on a couple of dates with different guys since we put things on pause but haven’t had much luck.

I don’t know if I should text him and see what the story is? Should I ask him out? Should I wait and see if he does text me? Or should I just try to move on?

Thanks so much I’m advance!!

August 29, 2019, 03:33:34 AM
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If he added new pics I would think he's still looking. If I'm really interested in him, I may just tell him to reach out to me when he's ready if he's still interested.
I wouldn't try to find out the story from his side. To me he's just not available for whatever reasons, and the only thing I can do is move on.
Sorry to hear this. But you're going out on dates, so you're getting closer and closer to finding the right match. Wish all the best for you!

August 29, 2019, 07:24:41 AM
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