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Author Topic: Help. What do I do?

March 25, 2019, 01:49:20 PM
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So I’m married to a man who I love with all my heart. When we met he swept me off my feet and it was amazing. 4 years into the relationship I find out he’s been seeing a woman from before we had even met and was sleeping with her whilst dating and proposing to me. He swore she was the only one and just didn’t know how to break it off completely, he did break it off, I forgave him and we got married. I thought I was over it but I can’t stop thinking about it to the point I stare at the chair he sat in when he told me about her etc. I trust him there has been no one else since but i can’t seem to get over the past. What do I do? Shall I end the marriage? Is this his problem or mine? He keeps telling me I’m punishing him for something he thought we had gotten past. So confused