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Author Topic: Help! Is this guy flirting or am i just paranoic?

March 08, 2019, 07:03:22 PM
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I've been in a relationship with my bf for more than 2 years... Last week, we found a friend of a subject he had in common with him last semester. The guy spoke just a bit with me while we were waiting for my bf that was speakng with other friends he found after that... than, we went the three of us in the same direction... during that time it seemed that guy was starring me (im not sure because i had the sun blinding me). Two days after that, we found him again at our department. i never saw him before at our departmente because he is studying a different subject. He was taIking with my bf and i was starring him like a pshyco and when he was about to go he said "hi" to me... the week after i saw him on wednesday (monday and tuesday i didnt go to college). I was reading and my bf was on his pc and after that my bf called him to sit next to us... he didnt but he once more spoke to my boyfriend and than showed him a website he was creating but quite in a "showing off mode"... on the same day while my bf was chating again with him on the hall when he was abou to leave, i said a funny thing and he looked back and smiled. On thursday he went to talk to my bf again on my department. And on friday when i arrived he was at my department again (my bf was not there) and he was with a friend of him. I pretended i havent seen him and sit with my back turned to him. When he was leaving he looked back and pretended to be looking somewhere else and than he twisted more his neck to look at me and he said "hi" to me and smiled to me again. I just wanted to know what this guy wants from me. He his really cute but quiet shy. I only see him with his male friends from the house he shares with them and he has no fb. He is almost 28 and im 20. I know he is not gay, but i just wanted to know what he might be feeling? Is this behaviour normal? His he flirting? I have never seen him before at my departmente (because i would have noticed and he is studying in another department) and now he his always drinking coffe there. everytime i arrive his there drinking coffe! And im kinda liking to be near him... i know, i shoud not, but he is always appearing and being nice...

March 24, 2019, 12:04:51 AM
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I don’t think you’re paranoid. I might have been just a coincidence that he appeared to be in the same vicinity. I would say to look for another clues and try talking to him more. He might just sees that you have a bf and doesn’t want to ruin your relationship. But from what you told in your post it seems like he might be interested in you.

April 01, 2019, 12:52:23 AM
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I don't think he is flirting, but I guess it's hard you tell sometimes.  I would say to continue being friendly but make sure you don't accidentally give off the wrong vibe.


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