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Author Topic: Had a Fight with boyfriend of 3 years

March 13, 2020, 07:18:51 PM
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Last night my boyfriend came home from work in a bad mood because he had to cancel his upcoming cruise. He called me on his way home to tell me he wanted to be alone and was going to have the night to himself to drink and play video games instead of spending it with me like we originally planned. He got very drunk and I got upset when I went to say goodnight and he didn't acknowledge me (we live together but have been sleeping in separate rooms for the last 2 months). I texted him that I was upset and felt like he was ignoring me again and that we don't connect anymore (we haven't had sex in a month). He was very drunk and started yelling at me about how I couldn't even give him one night to himself, that I ruined everything, and that now all aspects of his life are terrible. He hates his job, has been trying to lose weight and now I'm not giving him enough alone time and am nagging him too much. He got so angry he threatened to drive (while drunk) to his friend's house, but I stopped him. He then proceeded to break his TV once I left the room and flipped his desk chair. After talking, he explained that he's been very depressed and I was only making him miserable. The next day he's been avoiding me and sending passive-aggressive texts even though I apologized and gave him money for a new TV. He keeps saying he won't be happy again for a long time and he's more depressed now than he's been in a while. I don't think my mistake (not giving him enough time to himself) was enough to get this response. He's never acted like this towards me and I know the alcohol didn't help. And I also feel like I didn't need to pay for a new TV since he broke it, but I did to try to calm things down especially since he's worried about the mortgage payment this month. I just don't know what to do, last night he assured me he still loved me and cares for me, but he hasn't forgiven me. What should I do?

March 13, 2020, 07:27:47 PM
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