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Author Topic: Do you get annoyed if someone who you're no longer interested in still texts you

March 14, 2020, 02:22:43 PM
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Hung out with someone for the first time who I met through a dating app. Fun, playful banter before meeting. We weren't messaging every minute of the day but it was daily. He seems like a busy guy (he would apologize if he responded late).

We spent almost 4 hours together at a place we both have never been before. There was the awkward first date energy. Nobody was being too forward. It was mostly friendly but I thought it was good for a first meeting. We were making jokes and asking about each other. He was surprised about how long we were together. It was fun and he said so as well. He asked if I was going to have a busy week ahead and I told him nah but I have this thing I'm going to the next day, and I casually invited him but he said he also has plans (so, I kinda made it known that I wanna see him again, yeah??)

Messaged him after and told him I had a good time and he said he felt the same. After that though, nothing. No mention of a second meetup and the texting wasn't like it used to be.

I know it could go whatever way (he lost interest, he was just being nice, he's just busy, he's shy, whatever) and I'm honestly not taking it to heart but my mind just can't help but go EVERYWHERE. I liked hanging out with him and I like talking to him but I don't wanna be too forward especially if I feel like he might be losing interest already?

So- for those that date girls- let's just say you're no longer interested in someone, do you get annoyed if she still texts? I haven't texted him a lot or anything but it would be nice to get the conversation going again but I don't want to appear too forward.

If he's no longer interested, of course, there's no other choice but to move on to the next one, but oof, dating and the numbers game is exhausting.

Overthinking. Eyyyyyyy.

March 21, 2020, 04:17:29 AM
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Guys can be really confusing at times, I suggest you just send me a quick message asking him about how his day is going something Like 'hey, I was thought about you today, hope your day is going well?' so you are not coming off too strong.
If you want to rekindle his interest in you and get him to chase you again. I think this might help http://back.ly/veR03


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