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Author Topic: Dates = Him , Me, and His Friends

April 10, 2020, 01:37:14 PM
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Hey all ,
I’ve been dating a great man for a few months now , and we’ve become exclusive , and call each other bf/ gf. Here’s the thing , he is somehow an extrovert and a homebody all rolled into one . He owns a house and rents out rooms to two of his good friends. He is also good friends with the couple next door , and they are over very frequently. Sometimes we go out , or used to before the quarantine orders. But lots of times we just sit at home and watch movies , which is fine , because I’m also a homebody. But when we’re at his place , it’s him , me , one or both roommates , plus the neighbors . Almost every time . Plus they like to plan events or get togethers on the weekends , which usually  is when I get to see him . So basically ,  it’s usually everyone , leaving little time for just the two of us . He loves being around everyone , but it’s very frustrating for me . And I feel like we can’t get to know each other as well when it’s everyone all together.

Please send advice :)

April 11, 2020, 01:00:18 AM
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For one renting a room or even a house for a single person could be hard, so understanding why his roommates are there could better help figure out how he’s helping and giving in

The point with your boyfriend is that if you notice he isn’t in the most opportunity to live in his house alone he maybe be needing the extra cash or it maybe could be something that he willingly needs for the reason he has roommates over

A relationship is about looking past everything and giving your other half everything that he or she wants especially in tough moments like these, in other words what’s best for you and him is for you to put in your two feet and willingly accept that he’s around people all the time. It would be the best fact to say that it’s better and more thoughtful for you to continue dating your boyfriend even with his friends around, learning how to love him ‘with friends’ learning how to be with him ‘with friends’ and learning how to get through everything he has ‘with friends’

Unless you decide to bring it up in conversation maybe having roommates living with him is one of his needed priorities

Good luck

April 11, 2020, 03:42:23 AM
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I think @DreamGuyxo is right! Understanding why there are his friends is a great idea to know and learn how to live with his friends. But i understand the need of intimacy though
Live. Just live.


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