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Author Topic: Could he end up becoming abusive to me?

May 11, 2019, 09:28:03 PM
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I haven't fully collected all my thoughts, so I'm sorry in advance if this ends up being all over the place.
My bf and I have been dating for 3 1/2 years, and now living together for 5 months. I have to say first and foremost, that we are both very deeply in love. He is a wonderful man to me, very sweet, loyal, patient and caring.

I've always noticed that he got annoyed easily, but for the past year I've become more aware of it because it seems to be getting worse. He gets annoyed and angry over the most trivial things. For example, if the internet is being slow when he's trying to do something on the computer. If his grandmother (that we live with) asks what he's eating or watches him eat, he gets very frustrated (not sure why, I guess it's just a pet peeve of his). If he stubs his toe on the table, he will hit it. Today he was trying to feed our guinea pigs and his dog tried jumping up, he angrily grabbed her by the collar and pushed her down with some force (didn't hurt her thankfully).

If it was just one of these things that happened once in a blue moon, I wouldn't think anything of it. Everyone gets grumpy or cranky sometimes. But it happens quite often with him. Every day he gets overly annoyed with SOMETHING. I'm pretty convinced now that he has anger issues, which I believe stem from his father, who is schizophrenic and abused my boyfriend & his mother when he was very little.

Now this is what confuses me. He seems to get easily pissed off at objects, animals, and other people including his family, but he has never been like that towards me. I mean never. He's very patient with me, has never yelled or shown any aggression or severe annoyance, has never hit me. Since he has established anger problems, is it only a matter of time? Why does he lose his patience with everything else but me? What should I do from here?

May 13, 2019, 10:00:42 PM
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Maybe something as simple as yoga, meditation or jogging would help let go of his frustrations.


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