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Author Topic: Boyfriend or Family

November 04, 2019, 01:54:52 AM
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My boyfriend of 9 months is my family. Every since the day we've met he's messaged me goodmorning everyday and we spend every possible minute together. He knows everything about me, and still loves me. We already have plans for the future.
So I don't have a big family. My parents got divorced when I was 8 and that resulted in my dads family hating my mom, and her kids, that being me. My mom has a hetic family where they all have a rivalry against eachother, which brought me into it at birth.
My brother left for the military 3 years ago, leaving my mom and sister. We've always struggled as a family, but now that I'm 19 I'm working and we're stable. The problem is, we can't save up for a citizenship lawer for my mom who's trying to get her citizenship. My mom and brother have come up with a plan, for us to move with him. Where we'll be rent free, and my mom can save up, in another state.
My boyfriend started crying when he heard about it. Although these plans are a year from now. it hurts me too. Either way, I'm miserable, he's my soulmate and no ones loved me the way he has, not even family.
I want to stay here with him, but I'll fall into depression. I love my 14 year old sister. My brother and mom will be cruel to her, the way they were towards me.
Growing up I didn't get along well with kids, but in the end of the day coming to her is what got me through it, and what kept me a good person.
Then there's my boyfriend, who found me in a depressed state but didn't mind picking up the pieces. Some of you reading this probably don't understand, but he's my soulmate. Some of you are probably thinking there's plenty other guys, but thats because you haven't found your soul mate. He spoils me, hugs me when I'm crying, always thinks about me. Everyone thinks I'm weird but he's the first person in life to ever understand me.
We already had plans to move in together, and start a future.

November 08, 2019, 10:50:42 PM
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I feel very sorry for you that you are going through this, however I know that both your boyfriend and your family is very important to you. But I still feel like your family are intruding both you and your boyfriends space.

Personally I would talk to my significant other and hatch a plan, as I read it, it sounds like your family is trying to be as cheap as possible, with all the rent going trough you and your boyfriend. This is not cool! And let them know it too!

Or did I get this wrong?

March 07, 2020, 01:09:54 AM
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hi gal, I was in your shoes before. and here's an article that really helped me when I was struggling at the bottom.
I hope it could give you some enlightenment and inspiration like it helped me  :)


wish you have a great future with your loved one.


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