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Author Topic: baggage

October 12, 2019, 10:24:51 PM
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When my boyfriend moved in with me he knew how big my house was yet he brought almost all his stuff having to put a good chunk in storage.  I told him "you're not an idiot, you knew how big my house was, I said you can't expect me to just get rid of all my stuff for yours"

He has a hard time parting with things that belonged to his dad.  I get some of it but he's actually got all of his dad's taxes.  All of them! His dad died 10 years ago.  I asked, "why are you keeping them?"  He said, "because my dad kept them".  I have tried to talk to him about our bedroom set.  It belonged to his dad (thankfully we have a new mattress) and is big, not my style at all.  I've asked him about finding something that is us and not a memorial to his dad...that I think is odd.  He won't budge.