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Relationship Advice For Women

We're fully aware that both men and women can be problematic in a relationship, however, some may consider men to be more of a nuisance than women, if that's the case for you, and you're a woman seeking advice on your current dating situation, this relationship advice for women forum is a good place to start. Whether your man isn't pleasing you enough, he's causing problems or you think he's cheating, this is the best place to get some tips and guidance. If you're a male that's looking for advice, then we would suggest posting in our relationship advice for men board instead.

This relationship advice for women forum is to:

  • • Help women overcome their relationship problems that they may have with their man;
  • • A place to receive the best relationship advice for women and to help answer questions, provide advice and guidance to women that are having relationship difficulties;
  • • To better the women's overall relationship with their man by acquiring a better understanding of how men work: sociologically, mentally and physically;
  • • For women to take the chance to ask other male members questions to obtain advice from the opposite gender.
  • • An advice forum for women that you can go to at any time to openly speak to others free of charge.