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Author Topic: Workplace early romance... I feel down

November 07, 2019, 01:23:33 PM
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Okay I don't normally post these things online but I just feel like some advice would do.

There's this girl I work with in a new workplace I joined. We never spoke until we had a work social party. We exchanged numbers to send pics from the night out. We talked a lot and she then suggested to meet up on a weekend. We had a nice time and she even paid for my meal when I briefly went to the toilet. I said I'll get the next meal. The same night of the date we are talking again about random stuff but it was interesting. We've been messaging a lot daily and she initiated quite a few. I decided to ask her for a second date in the evening on the weekend. She said she'd love to but she'll check with her friend was doing something and she'll get back to me within 2 days. During that time she came to see me at work and made her way to my office. We chatted a lot. She never mentioned the Saturday I talked about. During a conversation. I responded to her text about something and I also dropped a hint for her to let me know about Saturday. She replied to the text but addresses the other points except the date I planned. She then reached out to me next day and asked about my day, I replied and  conversation was quick. We haven't spoken for a whole day now and we are 1 day away from Saturday and she was supposed to get back to me a few days ago.

Its confused me because she's been communicating with me heavily since I first asked her for the 2nd date. And she's been sending me very long messages and replied almost instantly 95% of the time. She's been sending me voice notes that seemed enthusiastic and long. So now that she hasn't got back to me about the 2nd date... Its left me in a limbo.

Obviously I'm not going to reach out to her again now unless she does as I don't think its worth it. The ball is in her court and shes not responding. We work at the same place (different departments) and I was just going to accept her silence as not interested any more...or may be she never was?

I really like this girl we have had so much scary things in common she always mentions how many things we have in common. At work infront of others she is shy when talking to me but she really shines through messaging. I complimented her every now and then (not too much). 

Any thoughts id appreciate it. Sorry if the story isn't clear.
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November 08, 2019, 03:28:32 AM
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Captain Black

I think you will have to play this one cool and see how it develops.

From what you have posted she may just want a good friendship and not a relationship as such. I think the fact that she was eager to pay for the meal may have hinted a signal that she doesn't want a second date . Yet anyway.

I would try and move on but just be open to further developments should they happen . Leave the ball left in her court so to speak .


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