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Author Topic: What to do about

December 05, 2019, 04:21:25 AM
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I have been communicating with this woman for a long time on IG and went out on 1 date , im not looking for a 2nd date. I REALLY like this girl and she knows it. Over the thanksgiving break she expressed her reluctance to continue this relationship because in the beginning i told her i did not want kids or marriage did i mess up by telling her that ? , she said she doesnt want me to change my mind because i feel she will get someone else but i said you never know i may just “fall in love” . Why do woman require marriage & kids as proof of love cant you give them that without all that. She fears she will have wasted her time if the prospect of marriage / kids isnt in the future. Im making plans to see her again she is open to this

December 06, 2019, 04:18:05 AM
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Captain Black

I think you showed your cards too early which dampened the way she thinks of you. Perhaps if asked you should have said along the lines " Its something I would consider in the future " That way your not shutting the door in her face so to speak . I don't know how old your both are but a woman's biological clock starts counting down when they reach around 30 . So their desire to start a family and settle down becomes much stronger . Also many of their friends at this sort of age will be starting families or indeed already have one . Not all women of course have this desire there are many career minded women out there who want to leave starting families as late as possible. 

December 06, 2019, 09:13:36 PM
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So basically we broke it off. Shes been distant and used that kids/ marriage thing as an excuse. She ignored my texts so I waited a day and told her u know how i feel about u , im not interested in being ur friend i would like to see u , give me a call if u feel the same.. she replied she enjoyed talking go me & i seemed cool but her feelings changed she said she didnt now why she doesnt have feelings no more ( LOAD OF BS antoher guy thats why, i thought it was kids/marriage)

I replied well if those feelings change again you have my #  she replied with a heart emoji i dont respond. I believe i handled this correctly. I know i had an opportunity, to be with her that i blew. If she does come back i will only want to have sex with her until she proves to be she wants more then that.. if she later comes throwing it at me i cant be dumb and not take it, if she doesnt come back fine too
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