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Author Topic: What should I do next?

April 22, 2019, 10:53:47 PM
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At the beginning of the year, i texted a girl that was my classmate in a language course a few years ago and with whom I had not talked since then. I always had a huge crush on her, but back then she was too young (that was about 5 years ago and she was 15 and I was 20). So, after a few days of texting, i asked her out and we had coffee. We also exchanged some books, but nothing physical happened between us. Shortly after, i went to Europe and stayed there for a whole month, during which we texted each other a couple times. After I came back, we went out again. This time we went to the park. The thing is, nothing happened again. She talks a lot, so I couldn't get that awkward pause that usually precedes a kiss. That was about a month ago and I haven't talked to her since then. My question is: should I keep trying? Or should I just assume she doesn't want anything with me and simply move on? And if I were to give it another try, what should I do to escalate things?

May 03, 2019, 05:00:38 AM
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Why we guys always hurry?
You can't get to know personally over text. Not fully.

Do You like her? Yes? Then meet again.
You want to kiss her, look in her right eye, then on her lips, then the other eye. Make sure she had eye contact that moment and ask if You can kiss her. (don't forget to smile)
From my experience this is much better than surprise kiss, because she might react badly even if she liked it. (movies get this worng)

Then get to know her, don't rush things. Girls need to trust You.
Look at things from her perspective. Don't be egocentric, she got needs as well.

Good luck!

Best regards,