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Author Topic: What should I do?

January 03, 2020, 10:59:31 PM
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I really like a girl, and we aren't really close friends. We're just friends, and I haven't really gotten to talk to her much. Recently, I have made a good effort to talk to her and learn more about her. I would say we had a good conversation, and she was smiling and making good eye contact with me. But before all this, she was talking to another guy, which I learned from one of her close friends. She is most likely still talking to him, and we're all on break from school. Considering that my crush shared that she has been talking to this guy to her friend makes me realize that my crush really likes him. It is likely that she isn't interested in me at the moment. But in the past, it did seem as if she was giving me some signs. However, I don't think that's too important. A week ago, I sent her a text to do something fun, just the two of us. She told me that she wants to bring more people along for this activity/event and that she will ask around if anyone wants to come along "later." It's been a week, and I am not sure that this event will happen. She is probably thinking about the other guy, and the chances that she will do anything with just me is pretty low. Also, we only talked a couple times so she is most likely not comfortable with me, yet. But now, the problem is that I will be seeing her almost every day (in a setting that I am not going to mention). She knows, based on my text, that I like her; I did not confess to her straight out. I still like her, and the other guy is definitely ahead of me in being with her. I want to tell her to forget about my text and that I was just acting wild. I want to tell her that I am not interested anymore, even though I am interested in her. I want to do this because I just want things to be normal. I know I should just be normal around her and not make things awkward. But I am afraid that she won't interact with me the same way she did recently, knowing that I like her and that I might be in the way of her getting with the other guy. What do I do? I am considering that there is a slight chance that she likes me. So, I don't want to just throw everything away. If I have no chance at all, let me know! I need to move on so that I can focus on other things going on in my life.

January 08, 2020, 09:27:56 AM
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YO. 100% do not try and tell her you don't like her and you were just being wild or whatever. She will see through that and it will only make it worse. In fact, try not to make a big deal out of it at all. Make it seem like its cool if she knows you like her cause you are a red blooded man with a lot to offer. You are prolly right that she isn't that into you, but that can change, but it won't change by being weird and wishy-washy.  What you need to do is use the opportunity you have to be seeing her everyday to show her how awesome you are.  Be the funny, fun confident guy you want to be and don't show her too much attention.  Get some new clothes and hit the gym maybe. She'll come around, if she doesn't remember it's her lose.

January 10, 2020, 12:10:17 AM
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Thanks Phin, I needed that a lot! You're right I am a red-blooded man, haha. I'm gonna do me and just be normal around her. I'll definitely try to make her laugh and work on myself. Whether I get the girl or not, I'm cool either way. I'm sure I got more to look forward to in the future, and I'm not gonna let this faze me. Thanks, bro.