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Author Topic: she went to college and seems to be losing interest.

September 26, 2019, 02:00:15 PM
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so first of all we have been dating for 2 years. she recently went to college about an hour away from me and lives on campus. so the first thing that happened is about a week into college she starts going a bit cold on me. doesn't reply like she used too and when she does she always one words me. I started to get a little sad and jealous. then she starts hanging out with other guys a lot just as friends. I try and text her a lot and respond fast because she used to not like when I didn't text back all the time. now when I finally tell her my honest feelings of how i'm sad of how she treats me, she opens up and tells me that she has been sending me pictures of the guys she hangs out with and saying all of the fun things they do together to make me jealous. and to put the cherry on top she said she had feelings for one of the  guy friends but not anymore. and that really hurt me. now last night was her birthday i posted some pictures and said how much i missed her and it seems she doesn't really care. her friends do the same thing and she reply's to all o of them and said how sweet they are. then they throw her a surprise birthday party with 2 of her girlfriends and 1 guy friend. they drink a little and end up having a little "swimsuit show" and the guy friend is the judge..... i am mad about it but don't know if i should be mad. i am trying to play hard to get a little bit but also being very positive and nice and funny when she talks to me but i still get one word answers most of the time. i really just want her to miss me and make me feel special, because that's all I have been doing to her.   


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