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Author Topic: She broke up with me because of "her issues"

March 23, 2019, 12:43:55 PM
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Well, my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me 5 days ago and it feels like my chest is wide open, there is no floor anymore.
from 1 month on i noticed her being a bit cold, not replying texts the way she used to, not wanting to spend so much time together etc..
Of course i noticed this and after some time I asked what was happening, her reply at first was that everything was okay, but she later told me to just be patient, and so I did, until 1 week gone by and her attitude remains the same, she is not rude or anything, just distant. one day she told me she was going to look for a psychologist out of the blue. one week went by and the distance and coldness remained, I then asked her for a "talk" and I kindly and lovingly said that this kind of attitude and distance will eventually push me away, I asked what was wrong but couldnt get a straight answer, I asked her if it was me or something else and the only reply i got from her was that "It was not me", the day went by and by the end of it i received a text from her saying that she is sorry she's making me feel sad, and that she is kind of depressed and she doesnt know why, that she cares about me and doesn't want me to be pushed away.
I really liked this message and responded sweetly saying that I was there for her no matter what.
Another week went by but the attitude remained, this time, "knowing" she was going through something i did not press her at all, and one normal day we decided to be together, just like every other .
She came up to me and immediately burst in tears, her words were "im not happy in this relationship, i love you, but im not happy"
I really cant remember much of this day as i think i went to some state of chock. Tears and all, we broke up and headed home.
My world fell apart and after 1 full day of no contact and plain confusion i texted her saying I wasnt handling things well and that i wished to speak with her. She was kind and said that it was hard on her side to, and that it is difficult not speaking to me every single day. We went on talking and I opened up myself completely to her, I told her how much i loved her, how much i was suffering, how much of a waste i think ending this relationship was, it is not everyday that you find someone so compatible to you and that I put all my efforts in this relationship and simply did not understand.
She then told me she had been having personal issues during this month, that she could not express this problems with anyone, she couldnt talk to anyone not even me, her best friend, and that she thought she would keep on hurting me more because of this, she also told me that she didnt like me the way she used to, and that she lost the drive to do things with me.
At this point I was completly devastated, and still am, 2 days went by and i recently sent her a really big and sweet text saying that i accepted her decision, and even though i love her i hope she can be happy and surpass her problems, and that she could count with me for anything. she replied sweetly too saying that it's really difficult for her to see me suffer this way, and that she is waiting for some analysis and she will go to the psychologist, she thanked me for being an amazing person and for having this post break up attitude with her.
To be honest I know her and she is a very decided young women (she is a mature 19 year old, im 22), so I know i should move on with my life, but at this moment I cant really process the lost, and be hopefull that she realizes what she is missing, and that what we feel for eachother is special and rare. I did everything on my part and i was an amazing boyfriend and she knows that. we broke up with so much affection that it is weird. i dont know what make of this and it is breaking me apart, 1 week went by and i couldnt really function on any level. I think she is deffinetely doing better and that hurts even more. i think she fell out of love and dont know what to do

March 23, 2019, 06:49:51 PM
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Sorry to hear that, take care of yourself first though

March 27, 2019, 12:15:03 AM
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Bernard C. Abuloc

time will tell bro. she might come back if she really love you. we couldn't feel what they feel because it is even hard for them to do that. they thought of that for many days before saying a thing to you. if she loves you she'll come back and just let her be reminded that you're there and after that let her miss you. :)


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