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Author Topic: Not that she cheated but Im struggling...

April 12, 2019, 10:11:11 PM
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So I met this girl when we were both traveling, we ended up having amazing sex first night. And the second night. I think we immediately fell for each other. However first night...right after me she also had sex with another dude and when I heard that, it infuriated me. At first when she told me I was like ok, shes just traveling, having fun, she doesnt owe me an explanation, Im just some dude she met two days ago but then she started initating a relationship, there was smth there for sure  She is far more commited and into it now than I am.When we talked about it, she said she fell for me the first night, felt it wasnt gonna be reciporated and she went ahead and did it. Now I know it sounds bad but the rest of the trip we were spending 24/7 together, we are still texting all the time even though itd long distance etc.
Now rationally I get it. But emotionally something happened to me. She told me that after 2nd night and I stopped enjoying sex with her even tho it was so incredible before she told me. I just completely shut down for her. Even my erection was not there at times after that. Theres anger in me and I dunno what it is...its like....right after me...seriously? It just feels like hey my freaking manhood...sex with someone else right after u had sex with me??
I mean I didnt wanna talk about it a lot, I wanted to enjoy cuz we only had 7 days together...but now we are long distance and when I see her I wanna be alright. Wanna enjoy sex etc.
Just not sure how to deal with this thing. How think about sex with her as enjoyable again? Its as if a huge sword was put in my ego and despite her being soooo good to me after that and even telling me that it happened, I cant let it go. Im not bringing it up but its not getting better. I am happy we are at distance now. Any advice on what it is and how I can just get over it? Im less of a saint than her. Think this is an ego thing. But still...what do I do to be at peace? Anyone ever felt like it? Like your manhood was taken away. Its a shitty feeling for a guy.
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