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Author Topic: No sex interest from my wife

February 21, 2020, 11:42:38 AM
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So, wife and I have been happily married 10 yrs with 2 kids in us in upper 30's. Sex life never really active other then beginning dating. The last few years has been sex maybe 4 times a YEAR. She does have some mild depression issues and never been comfortable talking about sex. Its almost a joke when we do have sex that "ok I am good for another couple months." I am not saying i need sex once a week but monthly Id be happy. With lack of sex life, I have secretly explored long time fetish of wearing panties and chastity. I have brought these up to here in half serious way and she immediately says I am weird and should have married someone else (no real concerns on relationship I just think says that knowing I am into it and shes not).

So my real frustration has become her absolute no interest my fetish or sex or even discussing it. I feel the fetish for panties would hardly affect her (as I would have my own and already doesn't see me as macho masculine guy type) and if she isn't giving me sex then at least I can enjoy a sexual interest regularly. Chastity I realize is harder to understand but feel could be a way for me to have sexual fulfillment but also allow her general dominate personality to maybe become more involved.  I am tired of me trying to initiate sex with wine massage and other things and then if she gives in she seems to enjoy it but I am doing 95%.

Any advice on those who have been through something similar. Do I brush it off come to realization sex is never going to be a interest for her, secretly continue wearing panties or chastity occasionally or see a therapist individually (as I feel pushing her to be involved would create deeper issues). I just feel having brought both these up multiple times and being brushed off there isn't a chance for a serious conversation with her.
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