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Author Topic: Newly married, need a woman's view

September 12, 2019, 09:08:05 AM
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Every marriage is different, so I'm hoping to get advice to *fix* things, in our divorced culture.

So basically, since getting married I'm struggling at every turn. I just don't know if it's my lack of understanding the dynamics of marriage, or if I really found a bad apple.

1) We spend basically no *real* time together. I work 6-3, her 9-6. By the time she's back, I'm already getting ready for bed. She hops onto her tablet to play games, maybe a show in the background.

2) Sex life is non-existent. I maybe have sex once a month (keep in mind we're newly married too). She complains it hurts, yet doesn't pursue medical treatment.

3) She refuses to clean, and says kitchens gross her out. So I have to either not clean, or do both the outside work and indoors. Prior to us together, the house looked like a showroom. Every since, it looks like a tornado hit it. Then she'll walk around disgusted and ask why I haven't cleaned? Keep in mind I'm a full-time professional that works. She has actually mentioned, since I'm off earlier, why I don't use those hours to clean.

4) If I attempt any form of discussion on the topics, she immediately shuts down. Like last night, I mentioned I wanted us to find a way to spend more time together at dinner, and she threw away her food and yelled about ruining her meal.

5) Weekends she, quite literally, does nothing besides TV. In the event she does go out, it's to visit family. If I mention us doing something, or tidying the house up, she just up and drives away.

6) Her hygiene is lacking, to say the least. She showers once every few days, and often times not on weekends. I was always showering daily and after anything physical.

I just really am in a rut. I've waited a decade to get married, and feel like it's literally every stereotype you can throw at it. There's not even that "honeymoon" stage, which at least even the worst of couples get to enjoy.


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