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Author Topic: Need some advice about telling eachother's parents and if it is time to do that

March 11, 2020, 11:36:16 AM
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We have been dating for ~ 2months and dated 3 times. we are 2 states apart and she travels M-F for work so in the weekends sometimes she needs her own time. When we are on a date she is fully engaged (no look at phone etc). We do chat on text few times a week, mostly around setting up next date and interesting tid bits.

There are a few interesting dates coming up - My mom's birthday is early april and her's is mid april and my sister's is end of april. A part of me wants to ask her if she wants to go home and visit (she is enroute to parent's place when i go back) but not sure if it is too fast. I feel maybe gauge her interest by asking if she told her parents about me in the first place? Her parents are in another country and she has been here for a while(not greencard hunter). I did jokingly asked her to say hi to her mom for me when she sent her mom a birthday gift and she she texted "ok". I am planning to ask her maybe towards end of date or during dinner ask how her mom likes the present and if she told her about me.

 I have not told my parents yet not because i don't want to but my parents are the kind that latches on something and not let go. In this case if i told them about her they would ask me everyday about her and I don't want the trouble if she ends up saying no.

Any tips? Should i ask her if she told about us to her parents. If she did then toward end of month when we go on a date i ask her to come home to my mom's birthday? Or maybe even my sister's birthday if its too early. I do like her very much and we have quite a few things in common (well except she likes mountain climbing and i rather not lol....).


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