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Author Topic: Need help with an ex (I was dumped)

February 18, 2020, 06:06:43 PM
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So I met this woman in my apartment (BAD IDEA) and we hit it off and started sleeping together within a week. We went out and stayed in like a typical relationship. The last 3-4 weeks, our communication wasn't great, and we didn't go out as much. She broke it off via text message saying she doesn't want to be just a casual hookup and after I texted her back how I want to fix things, she said she needed time to think about it and would call me back. She called me the next day saying we're just on different wave lengths blah blah blah..btw she also told me that she suffers from depression

What makes this tough is that she told me she loved me via text a few months ago and I was getting real feelings for her.

I'm really crazy about her and I am really trying to think of a way to get back with her. Not bragging but its pretty easy nowadays to get just sex (Tinder) etc...

From a woman's point of view, is there anyway to save this?

Back story: she was dating a guy for 10 years and was engaged and he broke it off and got married to someone else.
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February 19, 2020, 05:43:46 PM
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The term girlfriend is kind of subjective in some cases but I personally would not call this girl your ex. She has to at least refer to you as her boyfriend and it seems neither of you made the jump to asking for a committed relationship. Sounds more like a fling. Anyway if she wanted commitment from you she would have demanded it and pursued it. Looks like she wants commitment from someone else. Her story about dating a guy for ten years and getting engaged is nonsense. The engagement part is true but the ten year part is not. All women give this back story to make themselves look less promiscuous than they actually are. She's clearly flaky and unreliable so just move on.

February 20, 2020, 12:57:26 AM
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How long after her engagement did you two start dating? If within a year after her engagement ended she is still hurting. Be patient. Yeah....meeting in your apartment was a bad idea...and sex on the very first date is a horrible idea...believe me, I know.

I'd say keep in contact...but be a gentleman...and DO NOT pressure her...you cannot force somebody to be with you. Things could be worse, she could have blocked you on all known avenues of communication...like my ex did to me.

February 23, 2020, 05:00:47 PM
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I don’t think the problem is you - it’s clearly her. Where in the world are you located - UK / US?? I suspect that if you are a gentlemen and keep you distance she will come back to you. Let her deal with whatever it is that she is dealing with right now.

February 25, 2020, 05:38:36 PM
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I'd say that she has to heal before she can commit to you. You deserve someone who is willing to fight for you the way you way you are trying to win her back now, but she's fighting her own depression at the moment which has got nothing to do with you. My advice is stay around and gain her trust if you really like her, but this will take time ...


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