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Author Topic: My GF only wants what she wants and only wants your needs fullfilled.

February 16, 2020, 02:40:34 PM
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So I have been with the girl for 6 years and at the beginning she was very loving, considerate, affectionate, understanding, and so on. Well fast forward to today and now its all about her.  I supported her for 6 years and helped her go back to school for nursing. I helped with bills, food, I picked up her daughter for her a few times, I helped her study for tests and exams, I went into her class one day for an exam because they were being graded on taking a persons vitals and what not. I helped support her when moving from place to place. I've tried being involved in her daughters life as much as possible. I've helped her grandma out a few times with things around the house, I helped her dad and step mom a few times and even helped them put up wall in there cabin. Then after she graduated we decided that we were going to move to her home town, get a 3 bedroom house, and have both her daughter and my daughter full time. I had just got custody of mine a few months prior. She has custody of her daughter but has been living with her grandparents since she was born, she is 12 now. Well my gf got a job in her home town and she decided to move down first and I was going to wait to move until after my daughters school year was up which was only 4 months away.
  Well shortly after my gf moved she then decided that she just wanted to focus on her career and didn't know if she could be a mom to the kids. We talked about it and I just couldn't help but feel like I had been used and manipulated. It felt as thought she just used me has a stepping stone to further her education and then when she was done with that and got what she wanted then she no longer had a use for me. We talked thing overs and then decided we would live together. So after school got out me and my daughter moved to be with my gf and we thought eventually her daughter would move in with us as well. Well things have taken a turn for the worse.
  Like a week after moving down here my gf accused me of not helping out much during the move. Her step mom even made a comment about it. I was stuck in my apartment for 4 months just me and daughter packing stuff with no help from my gf whatsoever. Ever time I tried to get my gf to come up and help she would always tell me not to worry about it we will get it done, or I cant come up this weekend because I have other plans. The only time my gf came up to help pack was the day before we started moving stuff out. Things have just gotten worse since then.
  I cant get her to take care of herself physically or mentally. She has back problems, emotional problems, she has some dental issues, she pops pills on almost a daily basis mostly over the counter pain pills like ibuprofen, which I find odd considering she is a nurse. I have tried giving her advice like she should stretch every day, exercise a little a few times a week, I've tried to get her to take natural anti-inflammatories to help with muscle aches and pains, I have tried getting her to go to the doctor and a psychiatrist but she always tells me that she doesn't have the money but yet she is constantly buying things online with her credit cards.
  she accuses me of not being affectionate enough. I may not be affectionate with her every hour of every day but I feel like I am affectionate but I shouldn't have to do it every hour of every day just to make her feel better about  her self. Then when I try to cuddle up next to her in bed she pushes me away or will roll over. its like she wasn't the affection but she only wants it on her terms which isn't right. I try to have sex with her but she pushes me away but yet we can only have sex on her terms and if I tell her no or don't show that I'm interested then she gets mad at me for it, but yet when she does it its ok for her to do so. She also tells me that she has been having pain with sex but yet she wont go to the doctor to get examined.
  I listen to her opinions on stuff and ask her opinion a lot but if I don't agree with her then all of the sudden I'm a jerk and I don't listen to her or care what she thinks. Its like I have to agree with it in order to show that I care what she thinks. The other night my gf got mad at me because my daughter asked me if she have a coke and I said yes. My gf said that it makes her mad and frustrates her when my daughter asked me and not her. I asked my gf why and my gf said it was because she bought them. So now apparently whatever food or drink my gf buys is considered hers now.
  Also my girl friends daughter still does not live with us and its been almost a year since we moved here. She accuses my daughter of being a bad influence on her. Now my daughter has some emotional issues but she has never been kicked out of school, she dosent get into fights, she has had no run ins with the law, no drug or alcohol issues, no issues with screaming throwing fits or throwing objects at people. None of that whatsoever but yet some how my gf is convinced that my daughter is a bad influence. We have gone to couples counseling but so far nothing has changed. My gf has told me several times that she disagrees with our therapist, my therapist, and my daughters therapist on several topics and just wants to be right about everything. My gf has told me before that she thinks she is right about everything and that she is better then most people. My gf nit picks and nags about almost everything. Its like she cant be happy and so therefore she wants to make me and my daughter miserable just like her. I don't know what had happened to my gf. She was not like this for like the first 4 years we were together or maybe she was and she was just being manipulative idk. What do you all think? I should probably just cut ties and run for the hills huh?


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