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Should I keep trying to win her back?

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Author Topic: My ex wants to stay friends, eventually close friends?

June 01, 2019, 05:44:22 AM
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This is a long story but ill try to make it short and simple. Were both young, shes 20 and I'm 22. We've been together for 1 year. Our relationship has had alot of small "petty" fights over the dumbest things. I broke up with her 2 months ago because I just got tired of all the small fights, she would make me mad and I reacted stupidly and pushed her away. A month later I regretted breaking up with her and wanted to fix things. By this time, she already moved on. She told me that she went through a terrible time when I broke up with her and that she just wanted to be by herself. She told me she still wanted to be friends for now, and eventually close friends. She also told me she wants me to lose what I feel for her so it doesnt hurt me. Here's the suprising part, she was madly in love with me the whole relationship, she cried and begged for me when I broke up with her. I was never fully in love with her throughout the relationship, because of my past relationship. But once I started regretting the breakup I realized I did miss her and I started feeling so much for her, I literally fell in love with her instantly. Its like my heart fully opened at the wrong time. We were the closest throughout our relationship, we worked together all day and we would see each other on our off days. We literally spent like 50 hours a week next to each other. We have had so many happy moments.
I've begged and cried for her so many times to work things out, that I have changed and that we wouldn't fight anymore. She told me there's two reasons she doesn't want to get back together. One is because she really wants to focus on herself and move ahead in life. Second is because she doesnt want to go backwards in life and be fighting all over again with me. She said she still wants to be friends, eventually close friends. She also told me that I'm an extremely important person to her. We have never had any EXTREME fights, never cheated on each other, never cussed at each other, no serious fights at all. I'm confused, why does she want to eventually be close friends but not get back together? Sometimes I feel like shes confused. Oh btw I am her first boyfriend. Sometimes I feel like she wants a break for now. Sometimes I feel like she just doesnt want to get back together at all. And sometimes I feel like she wants to experiment with other people and see if she likes it, or if it works out. We made a promise to each other though, that we wouldn't do anything or have anything with anybody for 3 months. She's literally promised so many times in my face, shes cried promising it too. I do have 100% trust in her, but sometimes I feel like if she does get the chance to start something with a guy, that she will go for it. I'm telling her that if someone enters my life and I really like them, I will push them away, because of our promise. I feel like she wouldn't do the same. She told me shes dead serious about being alone for the next couple of months. I always ask her if shes going to keep the promise and she always tells me yes. I want to be her friend, and eventually win her back. I feel like she really is the one for me, shes loyal, caring, shy, sensitive, she goes to school. Shes way prettier than all my exes, shes just so different. Shes never hurt me at all, except for now, but that's not intentional. I don't want to give up on her. Also I asked her this today on the phone, I asked her if in a couple months she felt something for me again, would you be willing to work things out? She said yeah!! So.. is this the right thing to do? What should I do? What does she actually want from me? I don't want to give up on her completely and then regret it later...

June 14, 2019, 05:59:55 PM
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I didn't have to read this to know that the answer is no. They are an ex for a reason; they no longer have any value to you. If you try to keep them around, then you can never move on successfully.


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