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Author Topic: Messup or not?

July 18, 2019, 11:23:18 AM
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Hello guys,

need some quick advice if any1 cares to help:


My business partner got a new trainee. We repair cars so you usually dont see many women here, but his trainee is a girl. A smokin hot one (at the time of writing this she has just made it to the top 12 of our national beauty contest).
Im basically at the top of the pecking order both at my small company, and at my business partner's place. I ususally go there 3-5 times a week to handle stuff.
She gave obvious signs and my dominant role also helped a lot since she respects the guys over there and their opinion about me.
After 4-5 small interactions (all of them initiated by her) over the span of three days (I spend 20mins there max at a time so we really cant talk too much), I decided to make the move.
She saw it in my eyes that Im about say something bigger than usual, and got excited. And thats where I fucked up.

Basically I screwed up my sentence and had to start over. Really awkward. I managed to get my composure back in a few seconds and actually finished what I wanted to say. But just in those 2 seconds the spark was gone from her eyes...

At least I did not get some totally BS excuses. She said she was busy getting ready for a bootcamp for the top 12 in that beauty contest. Which is actually quite a big thing. But she gave no counter offer. And I didnt want to ask as I felt it would display neediness. We only agreed we'll have a chance later as we are likely to meet again regularly once shes back from the camp.

So on 2 occasions I broke the nine rules of setting dates (ceck Corey Wayne if you dont know what i mean). I could not keep my confidence when asking. And secondly when she said she is busy I did not ask for an other exact date.

Stayed there because of business for a few more minutes and she didnt seem to be bothered by my fuckup and kept talking to me and smiling. Almost as if nothing happened (maybe she was laughing at me this time lol).

Not having asked for an other date and not having told her to contact me if shes back from camp - I'll have to be the one to ask again I guess...

Supposing she stays smily and flirty - am I asking her out again once shes back? Or is this thing too far gone now?
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