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Author Topic: Messed up or lucky escape?

December 06, 2019, 09:27:41 AM
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Bit of a long tale this one, so grab a coffee before reading.

About 10 years ago, I hooked up with a co-worker.  We were both in a relationship at the time, so it was all very complicated and difficult, and after a while it ended.  I wasn't the first guy she had cheated on her BF with either.

Jump forward 5 years, my relationship had ended, and she was still in hers - we hooked up again, but after a while it died off after she stopped communicating with me.

Jump forward again to now - we met up again a couple of months ago, both single this time (her relationship had ended after her BF caught her in bed with another guy); and we've started dating and both believe that after all this time, we need to give things a proper chance, as we keep coming back to each other.

So all was good for a while, a few hiccups and arguments over small things, but that's part of getting to know someone.  Frequent messaging during the day; we meet up a couple of times a week, dates out, sleeping over etc.

Then a couple of weeks ago, things started to change.  Huge gaps between messages (from 8am to early evening) - when previously, we were messaging constantly.  The only responses I got from her were 'Sorry, I've been busy'.

But we have the curse of the Whattsapp - where you can see when someone has been online throughout the day - but hasn't replied to messages.

Cut to last week, she was out for a work social, that I know that she had been looking forward to; but I didn't hear anything from her until the following day.  I was disappointed, as thought she would have shared some of the event details with me, as we'd been discussing her excitement quite a bit leading up to the event.  Again, I had seen she'd been online a lot throughout the evening, just not with me.

So - I messaged her, and ended it.  I know, I was a jerk for doing that.

She replied the next day saying how sad she was, thought we were going to go the distance, was looking forward to our future together etc.

I apologised, explained that I overreacted, but I was just upset about the recent dip in communication between us, despite her being online - and I said I had in the back of my mind her past history of cheating.

So the next message I got was 4 days ago, saying she needed to process what I'd said.  Despite a couple of 'Hello?' messages from me, I've heard nothing.

I'm assuming I've killed it by my actions.  But should I be feeling as rubbish about the situation as I do?



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