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Author Topic: Me and my girlfriend broke up 3 weeks ago!

September 12, 2019, 02:36:27 PM
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So ive been dating this girl for 3.8 years, we met online and have had a amazing 3 years, trips and all kinds of stuff, we it was long distance, and we recently went 6 months without seeing each other, altho we face timed and things like that, i noticed her starting to get distant, we i finaly was able to fly her down and the weekend didn't go the best, we had fun but felt different, so the following weekend i decided to fly up there, and we had a amazing time, things felt back to normal. Well she told her a few days later that she doesn't feel the same and does not know what she wants, we took a little 3 day break and i decided to see if she wanted to end things and she could tell me but we both decided to break up, well i've reached out alot and have not got much back, well she told her parents 2 days ago after we have been broken up 3 weeks, she texted me all this stuff about how sorry she was for wasting my time and money and how she hates her life. and recently my dad has been sick, so i called her and we talked and have been texting a little bit but mostly about my dad, she hasn't blocked me or removed anything off social media, like pictures of us and videos, and she put me on her phone plan and few years ago and we upgraded the phones a month ago and i said "since we are broken up i need to get off the plan and send the phone back" she replies "dont worry about it, ill keep it covered" I asked her has she moved on and she does "no im living day by day" She said i love you and im attracted to you and have feelings for you but idk, something is different. Should i keep trying to reach out or should i just let it all go and not try anymore? Please help with some honest advice!

September 12, 2019, 04:40:14 PM
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Hmm, that's an interesting situation. I think what I'm hearing is that she's experiencing a lot of ambivalence, which can be incredibly tough to deal with. She is still interested and does not want to part ways completely. This is made very clear by the cell phone. You did not mention why you live long distance from each other still after so long, or how far you live from each other. I have a feeling that could be related to the issue as well as where the solution might be found. If you want to be with her, you need to show her that you truly want to be WITH her. But, I am a bit biased; I've never been able to handle long distance relationships, hence would not be in favor of them personally. I am in an intimate relationship with the girl I love with all my heart, and I would never want to be apart from her for any extended period of time. Hope this helps!


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