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Author Topic: Me (23m) and my manager (28f) dunno if I'm catching feelings for her?

April 26, 2019, 11:57:25 PM
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Firstly I just want to say I work in a pub and as such all of us employees and managers get really friendly with each other as we have to work with high expectations for cleanliness, service etc, abusive customers, long or late hours etc so we all grow to like each other so it's quite a close-knit community anyway.

Our previous manager left to join another pub and our pub had this manager, S, join us. She fit in really well with all of us and me and her did the usual greetings and got to know each other. Within 2 weeks she'd told one of the assisstant managers that if she was 19/20 years old I'd be the kind of guy she'd date. This came as a surprise because I'm not a ladys man at all, I've only had 2 relationships and my whole 5 years at school I had maybe 3 or 4 girls like me.

So... Maybe I'm just trying to say I'm getting feelings for her but don't wanna admit it, to avoid getting hurt or whatever, because we flirt in a jokey way every shift we're on, just 2 days ago she asked when we're getting married and how many kids we're having, as a joke and it's jokes like that that make me want to tell her I have feelings but I'm also quite happy with the work relationship we've got at the moment. It's like I obviously don't want to affect our jobs and I'm not particularly looking for a relationship but on the other hand she's gorgeous and we're into the same things/have same sense of humor and it feels worse just not saying something, at least to someone (probably why I'm making this post haha)

So ultimately my question is do I say something and if the answer is yes what do I say? If the answer is no and keep your relationship purely professional and work-based, I totally understand that response. Thanks all!


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