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after taking a break from a loved one how many people got back together and were stronger ?

made us stronger
0 (0%)
made us hate eachoter
0 (0%)
never the same
0 (0%)
found another person in this time
0 (0%)
moved on working on yourself
1 (100%)

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Author Topic: married workmate for 10 years turns into a 6 month seeing stage please help

October 27, 2019, 05:52:04 AM
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back story

she worked at my last Job we would see eachother in the passing and i though she was so beautiful and amazing she used to shy away from me. She was married with a child so i never really thought nothing about it. a few years past and she noticed i was down about a recent break up. and messaged me on facebook the messages were almost everyday asking how i was ect the to graduly start liking my photos ect, she would often tell me how she felt that she wasnt good enough for her man and how he always put her down in our heart to heart convos. She helped me through a break up of 5 years.

a few years pass, i notice her facebook change so i message her asking the usual how are you/ hows things, Turns out her man was cheating with a workmate

so shes all upset and we decided to meet up, and it turned into sex in my car that night, and we were all over eachother for about 3 months and now shes hitting me with my heads a mess ect and havnt seen her in 2 weeks and dissmissing my messages and im waiting about at least 3 hours on a reply saying shes busy ect selling houses moving back with her mum paper work lawyers ect

so i turned a bit full on with her wondering what was going on that 2 weeks have passed and shes not wanted to see me and the change of her behavior.

my head turned to mush and ended up loosing myself in it all so i told her that our heads are a mess and that we need time to figure out whats going on or what we want

i told her ill meet up with her in a weeks time and talk and see if the time apart we do miss eachother or if we have feelings

question : What do you tink i should do ?


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