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Author Topic: I’m not sure if this girl cares about me

March 20, 2019, 01:33:50 AM
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Ok so this is going to take a second to explain.
So me and a group of 10 were all going on this senior trip, and before this I’m not sure how much this girl cared for me. However, during the start of the trip another girl, who I will call girl 2, begin to flirt with me a bit, which I returned for about a day. After this girl 2 began to flirt with another guy, in which I realized she didn’t care for me and was just messing around. But while she was flirting with me, it seemed to bug girl 1. After that day, I told girl 1 and a friend of hers that girl 2 was messing with the other guys heart on purpose and taking advantage of him (which she was) and they sided with me. At this point I began to have feelings for girl 1, and during the trip, tried to be flirty with her. It sempt like she was returning it, but it’s hard to be sure. On the last night we were all laying down in the living room of the air bnb we rented, and I tried to make a small move and scooched over to her so our legs and feet were touching. She didnt move away, but rather scooched slightly closer and even put her elbow over my body. We ended up falling asleep extremely late, and in the morning on the plane ride back, I told her and her friend my life story, which I had never told anyone before, filled with sad and personal stuff. She tried to reciprocate with something as sad, I’m guessing to make me feel better, but couldn’t. Later on the bus ride home, I realize I don’t want to stop seeing her after the trip. She had sat across from me on the bus, so I decided to try something cheeky. I texted her “do you want to hear a song” and she only replied with “sure”. I was disappointed with the response, but wasn’t going to back down now. I sang “you are my sunshine” softly and perfectly, the best I had ever done. But in response all she did was text “that was good lol”. At this point I was ready to give up. We were all tired, so I couldn’t tell if she liked it or not. I texted her the next morning about girl 2, and how I talked to her about how she was acting. (For those who care, girl 2 said she didn’t know what she was doing). So me and girl 1 small talk periodically throughout the day, when I ask her a pretty big question. My family was going to a wedding, so I used them as an excuse. I told her that in order to get out of the wedding I had to have some sort of plan that conflicted with the day it took place on. When I asked her that I needed her for something important, she responded with “what is this something important?” I then explained the situation and she was quick to say Sunday would work. When explaining the situation I brought up some of her friends who could come along as well, so she asked them to come along. The day happened, and went ok. I didn’t make any moves or anything, and neither did she. The next day comes around, yesterday for when I’m writing this, and all of a sudden she feels more distant at school. After school, I bring up a good friend of hers who is going through a lot of stress. I then tell her about how important she is to her friend, and then say “you know that’s what makes you different than all the other girls, you never complain, you just get it done with a smile on your face” she only responded with “well thanks, I try.” I was sad she didn’t have more to say, but I was already on a rambling spree, so I continued “just remember on your bad days, it’s okay to lean on your friends. Your true friends will return the happiness you gave them earlier”.  She only responded with “hey thanks. I try to remember that most days.” At this point I’m not really sure what to do so I say well see ya tomorrow. We go to school the next day and talk and joke a bit, but it feels distant for some reason. I then decide after school I wouldn’t text her and see if she would start a conversation, thus showing that she is interested. She didnt.

Sorry to write a novel, but I don’t know what to do. She’s had few relationships before this (so have I) and I’m unsure of how she feels. I’m hoping someone with more experience can tell me what to do, or what I’ve already done wrong.

March 20, 2019, 02:52:51 AM
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Hey there, I read your 1 million word essay haha. Seems like you're in a really confusing and conflicting situation. I myself being a girl, can kind of relate to this girl you say you like. I am very on and off with my emotions and get bored of people very easily (which is not a good trait to have, i know). the best advice I can offer you at this time is maybe giving her some space. If you're coming across too strong then that will just put her off even more. Give her time and if you find that things are still not working out the way you would've hoped, then I would suggest to you 2 options. Option number one would be to tell her how you feel. Worst possible outcome is that she doesn't feel the same and you can move on. But you never know, you may find out that she has been feeling this same way and is scared by the feeling and maybe thats why she's being distant. Option number two would be to simply not say anything and try to brush off these feelings you have for her over time. Be her friend and things may improve from there. Sorry if this isn't much help but I hope everything works out for you :)


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