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Author Topic: I think I creeped her out and now idk what to do

August 31, 2019, 12:26:27 PM
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I was friends with this girl and we just hung out tand talked, but she has a boyfriend so nothing serious happened.  But she told me she didn't like living with her boyfriend's dad and how she's looking for an apartment.  At the same time, I just moved into shared housing and my landlord told me that one of his other tenants is moving out...so I told her this, and said I know she might feel weird about it, but it is affordable and i know she wasn't thrilled about her living situation so maybe this could be an option (explained she would have her own room); but now I think she probably thought it was creepy.  I was sincerely trying to help her but also maybe letting my feelings get in the way too.  We work together and now I feel like I made everything awkward and idk what to do.

September 01, 2019, 04:26:07 PM
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It really really depends on how you said it or what your history of friendship is. In general, this is not a creepy question. female and male friends should have a light open tone about things. If you or her have shown some more emotions than friendship then she might feel a bit overwhelmed. As i said, really depends on your tone