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Author Topic: I regret leaving my ex so bad

June 16, 2019, 11:23:07 AM
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Hi everyone, i have one doubt. I am single guy and so is my ex girlfriend, and i feel something for her again, want to ask her to try again but is it a good idea, since i dumped her (cause i fell in love with another girl) and since i was rude to her whole time after breakup? Here is our story.

We were together for about 4 years, and at year 3 she became needy, lazy and annoying, like asking me questions 10 times in a row, so i just lost feelings, at same time i met another girl at the gym, and we became friends, and i started liking her. As soon as i fell in love i left my ex. My ex was perfect gf from beginning, we made each other so happy, just that last year of relationship was chaos, we were fighting a lot over trivial things. I told her that i cannot stand her anymore and she begged months and months after breakup saying she'd do anything for me, she loves me like no one else, blah blah.. even her sister(my good friend) asked me to reconsider decision.. I rejected, it all seemed fake, like she couldn't even wake up earlier to come see me, i thought she just saying it to change my mind and i liked another person, who became my girlfriend in the meantime.

With new one it was all good, no fighting, we agreed about almost everything, but she wasn't who i thought she was. She lied a lot to me, and agreed with me just to avoid fighting, she got tired of me, and eventually cheated on me with some guy, so i left her, but she didn't care. My ex went through a lot alone but after two years i heard that she finally was able to heal, and even got in new relationship with someone who seemed to love her. i was happy for her, and sometimes we were chatting as friends about events in our city, neighborhood and jobs. It was easier cause of situation. I also saw her once, told her about mine and she didn't say i deserved or anything, she hugged me.

A year after that i heard she got hit by a car, and got paralyzed, will never be able to walk, but is alive and recovering. And all that to save her bf who didn't look while passing the road, so he was supposed to be hit. It was kinda shock, and i got a hint, nothing she said was fake, she meant it all, and i left her for a cheater. Just judging by 1 year of relationship i forgot everything she did for me in the rest 3. It gave her a new dimension, I felt everything for her again. I was devastated but still didn't visit her in hospital, to avoid problems with her bf. After some time he left her, cause he couldn't deal being with disabled person anymore, it was "too much" for him, even though she saved his life.

Now what should i do, try again or just let her be? (we still chat and she seems happy). If we ever get back together i wouldn't leave her again, and it doesn't bother me to be with disabled person, in fact i'd be happy to help her about everything. :'( Do i even deserve her?
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