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Author Topic: I really need some advice

October 10, 2019, 02:51:39 PM
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so a while back I met a very beautiful girl and we have started talkin, we've hooked up once had a little fallin out and are tryin this again only taking things slower this time.

about her shes in her mid twenties has 3 kids and married but she isn't in love with her husband they're only together for the kids. she works day shift and he goes to work as soon as she comes home. the thing is she has this wall built up because she has been cheated on and done wrong by so many guys so she's very wary of committing her feelings to someone out of fear that if she does so she will get hurt or will have divorced her husband and be left to care for her children alone.

I have VERY strong feelings for this girl, she's so sweet and beautiful she has a good head on her shoulders she recognizes that she has responsiblities and is very deep BUT she is unwilling to committ to a relationship with me because of the reasons I have done mentioned. I have never cheated on a girl and I'm a very caring compassionate guy, I tell her everyday that she is a Goddess, because she is both inside and out, and that I care about her alot.

well she told me last night that she wasn't sure about letting her feelings get involved for the reasons above and I'm not gonna lie, I'm young and do not have the best experience with girls and I just don't know how to approach this to show her that I'm the one and convince her of it.  we talk daily and have very good conversations but its hard for us to see one another because of her obligations to her kids and because her husband isn't willing to watch the kids so she can go out as often as we would like to.

I want to tell her that I can see a future with her, that I have very strong feelings for her and that I would never do anything to hurt her or jeopardize her kids. honestly if she would commit to it I would gladly be a father to her children and that I'm willing to roll up my sleeves and do what I have to in order to be with her. she uses her kids and bad marriage as an excuse for why she isn't good enough for me but she is good enough she makes me feel like no other girl has before. any hang up she thinks she has is trumped by my feelings for her.

so my question is this: is my thought process right? is this the right way to approach this situation? should i just wash my hands and move on? I do not want to do that because my heart is set on her. what is the best avenue of approach? I would really appreciate any and all advice that doesn't tell me to just move on.

October 10, 2019, 04:08:52 PM
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RUN RUN RUN AND RUN AWAY!!!!!  You say she's a great person yet she's CHEATING on her HUSBAND.  She's afraid to be cheated on so she cheats???  She CAN'T commit to you because she's MARRIED.  Nothing good is happening here and it's time to move on.  She can't see you because of her commitments to her HUSBAND.  Dude, I don't want to be rude but wake up.  She is off limits and you won't win here.

October 13, 2019, 11:10:13 AM
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You are a sweet guy, but she is probably the wrong woman.

I think you need to spent some time away from her, right now all you see is ONLY her. Which is not healthy.
She has 3 kids and she is still married to her husband.
If you get into the picture as a third party, it's going to be very messy.
It not only affect the marriage, it affects the 3 kids as well.

I know your love for her is probably very strong now. But she might not feel the same, or else she would have leave her husband.
If you happen to be with her, how sure are you that she would not have someone else besides you?

Hope this helps
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