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Author Topic: I got married my ex then only i realized i dont love her anymore but sum1 else!

April 09, 2019, 02:30:05 AM
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im constantly torn in between "if its meant to be,  it will be" and "if you want it,  go get it"

2 years before i got married, i met a girl. It was 6 months after i broke up with my ex gf. I like her but i still cant forget my ex gf. I broke up with my ex because of her family dont want me be with her, but we really love each other at that time. My ex cannot forget me and trapped in depression that forced her parent went to see my parent and lead us to ended it with a marriage,it was almost 2 years after we broke up. while i on and off dated the girl that i met. But i really dont know whats my feelings towards her. Maybe my ego dont want to admit it.

She did confessed once her feelings towards me before,  but i gave her no answer. And she still come and see me whenever i asked for.  We have sex everytime we met,  and frankly speaking,  she is the best girl ever that i have sex in my life. I love the way i felt whenever shes around me. Our chemistry is all about. Maybe because of that i cant get over her eventhough she is not mine. Because of he cant get my love,  he started to stay away from me.  And i thought she was not interested to me anymore.

To cut it short,  i got married to my ex.  But once i have sex with my ex in that marriage.  I found something wrong with me. I really felt, no..this is not what i want.  I dont love my ex anymore. And we actually dont have the chemistry.  I dont feel that i want to live with my wife. I want that girl. Only that girl. Im a mess,
im obsess for her love. I tried to get her back,  but she really upset with my marriage. Oh, i really felt like im living in hell.  Im stucked, im fucked up. I cant leave my wife, she noticed that im not really want to be with her.  She kept on asking for divorce.  And i know that girl still hope if i can be with her after about a year i begged her to forgive me.  I really didnt meant to let her down. I really love her with all my heart. But i cant leave my wife because of other girl..😢

What should i do? Im so fucked up.


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