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Author Topic: I don't know whether I trust her... Help

November 17, 2019, 02:25:40 PM
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So to give some light background info I have been dating this girl for around 8 months now, and previous to that we dated for about a month but she kept going back to her ex or other guys, however we weren't technically exclusive at that point. For these last 8 months we have been exclusive partners, or lovers, and it has had its ups and downs along the way

As of the start of this week however, she informs me how she let this guy kiss her when she was staying at a hotel on the coast 2 hours away, and how she's so sorry that she did it. We talk about it and It ends fine but it hurts my trust a little, to add on to this, she tells me 2 days later that this guy she's been talking to as a good friend lately that she hasn't even met told her that he liked her even though she's in a relationship with me.

Here's where it's gets suspicious.

I've seen her talking to him non stop everyday and calls him Hun and says she's gotten very close with him as a friend and isn't attracted to him in anyway

(crucial information here, we both contracted herpes during the early stages of our relationship due to her last sexual partner before me)

Then, as of last night, I checked her phone and saw her sending kissing face emojis to him in the middle of conversation for no reason and they were talking about going to a zoo which I have been wanting to take her but because we both don't have much money and he's apparently loaded as he got a new job, he wants to take her. And in this conversation he straight up called her cute and she didn't say anything back to it.

I think out of respect and love for me she would have said "haha thanks but I'm with *my name* remember"

So long story short out trust is being tested because she cheated on me and took a month to tell me, and now she is sending kissing faces and talking romantically to this guy that is confirmed to have a crush on her.

So when I went to confront her about all this, she accuses me of not trusting her at all and going through her phone which she hates (probably because of what I found)

She also finds the need to inform me that because of the herpes she can't even cheat on me. This is because she believes that the herpes can be transferred even if a condom is worn, now I'm not too sure about this part and I have sneaking suspicions that she is just telling me this so I don't have to worry.

Either way this guy likes her, she's sending kissing faces and talking about how she 'can't wait to do things with you (the zoo and stuff)' to him and I feel like I'm losing her to him just because I don't have the money he was to take her to these fun things all the time

I just really need help on how to proceed, she's still annoyed that I looked through her phone but I'm worried that that's the least of my worries.

November 18, 2019, 03:48:09 AM
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She is not taking the relationship seriously. Lack of commitment. Now I am not sure if she is the sole reason for this. Did you talk with her whether she is happy in the relationship with you? If not then that's the reason she is doing all this. You need to fix it or walk out.

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November 30, 2019, 10:41:42 AM
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Acusing you of not trusting her when there is a secret being kept would seem to be a contradiction and problem.


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