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Author Topic: I don't know how to progress

December 06, 2019, 11:17:54 AM
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So i met this girl in College, we started on the same course/class but then she moved to different one and is in different building so we dont see each other often, but we went to ice skating together, me her and 1 other girl, the other girl is quite older than us and theres nothing more than friendship between me and the older one, but the younger one (im just gonna call her L), i would like to get to her closer, i just dont know how to progress, when we talked on the ice i know she has pretty much same taste in music as i do, mutual intrest is horrors and art, we seem to get along fine but i can tell it's just as friends as of now, i try to message her from time to time and when i do she actually engages into convos, but never writes me to herself, she never starts one. Additionally i know she has quite low self esteem and self confidence, which could be a factor and probably is, how can i "motivate" her to be more open or make her feel more safe and relaxed while still giving her and myself fun outside together so it blooms into relationship? (if it even makes sense what i said, could be wrong aproach all along as far as my knowledge goes about relationships) thanks for any tips in advance! :)

December 07, 2019, 11:27:24 AM
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Thanks for that recommendation! This guy does help indeed, but i would also like some actual response to my specific problem and not just general of what to do in x situations, i must admit i have better idea of what to do thanks to him but still would like an answer from forum user :D


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