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Author Topic: I'm too confused. I'm unable to understand my ex

February 17, 2020, 04:57:00 PM
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hey guys I would like to seek your help regarding my break up.

I donÂ’t know how to put it .I got dumped by my girl friend a month ago after 2 years of relation ship. I went on no contact and and around the 3rd week she texted asking how I was . I responded IÂ’m trying to be positive and keeping my self busy and working on myself and she got all pissed and started yelling at me etc etc and then she mentioned she misses me and thinking about me but it wouldnÂ’t work between us . And she told she wants to return my gifts and pick her stuff , which she never did

Then she went on a week of silence , i sent her a gift of one of her favorite books jus to show her i do care, she apologized and told she was emotional because she never got to tell me What she wanted to and again she mentioned it wouldnÂ’t work out .

Then again latter she brings few things abt past and then suddenly cuts me by saying never talk abt the past .

And in all this 3 occasions she mentioned she is drinking a lot . She is a social drinker who just drinks beer now she does hard liquor she mentioned and also mentioned she is drinking too much . And she also makes sure to mention it wouldnÂ’t work between me and her .

And also she keeps mentioning she is hurting and feeling bad as well .

I did apologize for the mistakes ( there was no cheating involved both sides ) . And in all the occasions I made sure I let her know how things are progressing in my life and how much IÂ’m working hard to fix where ever I was lacking ( not obvious manner ) IÂ’m so confused how and What to do .
I real don't understand her mind set is she reaching out or is she just trying too hard to get over me. the same person who wanted to return my gifts accepted the gifts two days after she mentioned she wants to return the old gifts

I really love and care abt her and would be helpful if I could fix this . She does attempt to converse but cuts me off and want to avoid at the same time . and then she goes into silence . And i also came to know she spent a tonne of money on shopping , drinking all the time

Kindly guide me i really would like to fix this and get back together . she is a very good person there is not much major issues between me and her ,

February 26, 2020, 11:23:44 PM
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There might be a ton of reasons why she has left you and you might don't even know what the actual reason is. So, I highly recommed you to check
this webinar and apply these methods on your ex. http://bit.ly/2Vm7W30

April 19, 2020, 04:19:34 AM
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Hi msd23,

I think she is care about you. If not she wouldnt piss and yell at you. I think you need to communicate with her and really understand her. Why she dumped you in the first place?

Is she really want to have a relationship with you, if the answer is yes, then both of you have to do work together. Girl should explain everything and told you everything she expect in a relationship. Hopefully she can bring up the past which determine who is she right now.

2-way good quality communicate is important. It is a bridge between both of you to understand each other better. every girl and guy need different things in relationship. Talk to her and you will find out what is that.


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