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Author Topic: I'm falling in love with Stranger Things season 3! :(

July 11, 2019, 06:30:42 PM
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Hi, i am not english so I apologize in advance for how I will write but so...i'm writing this question beacuse i want some suggests...because i think that i am falling with stranger things season 3 but specifically with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)...i am 20 years old guy and in my teen life i fell in love 3 times (if we also put this time), 2 times with 2 """real"" girl that i knew.
What I want to say is that seeing this season has probably brought my head back with memories, and now I'm shaken by a terrible nostalgia and probably this "falling in love" for the series and especially for the girl is also due to this incredible longing for my 16 years and in general of this age in which there was so much carefree!

How can I treat my feelings right now? I'm probably a sensitive person and it often happens that I "fall in love" with something I liked so much, like a song, a video game, a movie etc. and stuff like that (obviously not really falling in love, but anyway I like it) and then "pass me the blow" after a few days...just the way I am! but when it comes to "girls" or in any case falling in love, I'm more sick than good :( this thing to fall in love with a "cast" and more precisely with an actress, it had never happened to me, but I imagine how many people are in my same situation after seeing that season....

What I understood from these 3 (we can call them... "unrequited loves"), is that I need to have a girlfriend, that I have never (more or less) had in 20 years of life and what I would like to do is live a loving experience like Mike and Eleven, and maybe that's why I liked the season so much and i am "in love" with her... :(

but, HOW CAN I FIND A GIRLFRIEND? I am incapable in these things ... and what I want is simply a romantic story, full of cuddles, sweetness and many beautiful things !! just like Mike and Eleven <3

P.s.before I was there watching videos of them etc. and I felt very much like a 16-year-old teenager trying to find out about these situations ahhaha but it's probably the relationship I want, but I don't know how to find it and how to implement it ...: /

July 19, 2019, 10:27:01 AM
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I think what you are feeling is infatuation. It is common for people to feel this way sometimes. As a kid I would find myself attracted to video game characters or celebrities, and you become kind of lustful or infatuated with the idea of them from afar. It's a fantasy. These can become unhealthy if clung to for too long, because it's unrealistic and likely to distract you from actual things that can lead you to getting what you need.

It's fine to find celebrities/characters attractive, but don't let it hypnotize you and trap you in a dead end mindset. First off, I would try my best to not obsess over wanting a girlfriend so badly. Having a partner is beneficial for almost everyone but if your motivation to get one is just because you want one, that isn't a good foundation to build off of. In my experience in life, the hardest time I had getting a girlfriend was when i was focusing on it and seeking it out. Whenever I stopped seeking out a partner, i'd always meet someone and end up getting close to them and it organically would evolve into a relationship. This is because I was more focused on my interests, being myself, and growing. These are things that people are attracted to. I've been in 3 long term relationships in my lifetime, and they always caught me by surprise because i wasn't hunting for one.

So, my best advice for you is:
1) Be realistic and try not to obsess over the idea of love. The more you grasp it, the more it will slip out of your hand.
2) Focus on self development. Exercise, refine your hobbies, learn about new things, and then talk about that with people who also care about those things. This will lead you closer to people who you are meant to be with.
3) Be patient because it will come. I'm 30 years old and my first relationship was when i was 18, there were years between each one of them and it felt like an eternity. But when I look back, I feel like being single was such a short period of time. Savor the moment, because change can sneak up on you and become your new normal.

Cheers :)


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