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Author Topic: How to increase the penis and return the male power and return the passion

March 28, 2020, 02:06:12 PM
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How do I increase my penis?   site https://bit.ly/2JyGaJD

The size of a normal penis in an erect state is 10-18 cm, most of them. The average length of the Penis size is 13.12 cm. the Spread is large, and this does not take into account the thickness and shape. Pathologically small organs (less than 7.5 cm with an erection) are extremely rare. So, most likely, a man who dreams of adding centimeters is worried for nothing.

Of the 92 people who complained about a small penis and applied to Cairo University, none of the Treatment of men complaining of short penis turned out to be the owner of a truly short organ . That is, 92 perfectly normal guys decided that they had small genitals when they didn't. Men with really small penises exist, just their number is not as large as it seems to men themselves.

Penis size does not affect urination or erection. Therefore, usually any operation to increase the penis is only cosmetology and it is not recommended anywhere other than plastic surgery clinics. Initially, these interventions were developed for men who had difficulty urinating due to injuries or birth defects.

Operations have serious complications Penis Enlargement: Does It Work? :

Scar formation.
Loss of sensitivity.

Pills. Penis enlargement pills are nutritional supplements made from a mixture of vitamins, herbs, extracts of rare ingredients, and hormones. None of these tools do not change the size of the penis. In addition, they are not registered as medicines, which means that their production is not controlled by anyone. Therefore, it is not known what is actually in the tablet (well, if nothing).
Creams, lotions. Their composition is the same as that of additives, but the form of serving is different. Due to local irritation or swelling, a temporary effect of enlargement may appear, but this is unpleasant and dangerous: such cosmetics are also not checked.
The hellish mixture. Advertising lures you to questionable sites and offers to make something out of "Star" balm and baking soda or other equally strange ingredients. In whatever proportions it is suggested to mix the components, we do not recommend applying the result to the penis, as, indeed, anywhere else.
Pumps. Mechanical action on the penis causes a rush of blood and a slight swelling, so for a while the penis seems larger. But this quickly passes, and if you use the pumps often, you can damage the tissue of the penis, so that it becomes deformed or problems with erection begin.
Exercises. The "Jelking" technique is a self-massage from the base of the penis to the head with a delay in ejaculation. As with other DIY augmentation methods, the exercises have no evidence of working, and there are complications: pain and deformities.
There is also a non-surgical method of using an extender, the modest effectiveness of which was confirmed by a small study of Penis enlargement . A few months of using an extender can increase the penis by 1-3 cm. But these studies are too small and are not absolute confirmation of the effectiveness of the technique. In addition, self-enlargement is not recommended: it can lead to damage to blood vessels, narrowing of the urethra, and priapism .

And remember: what is shown in porn is the result of casting and shooting features. Rather than suffer from an often imagined problem, pay attention to physical health, potency, and sex techniques

site https://bit.ly/2JyGaJD

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site https://bit.ly/2JyGaJD


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