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Author Topic: How do my chances look to get ex back

July 12, 2019, 04:14:50 AM
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Me and my ex dated for 2 years, she being 17 at the beginning and me being 18, well we met and it’s like we were instantly attracted to eachother. We talked so much, hung out a lot, and after 2 months, we had our first kiss, and it was amazing. Well we had many good times, really great times, I lost my virginity to her and loved it. And I made her world complete. We talked about living out the rest of our lives together, and even planned where we wanted to live, how many kids, what kinda salary should we expect and what kind of house we wanted. Yeah we fought at times, it was mostly because of my insecurity, I just thought she was too good for me, and I tried to hook her to me.Well we went to a hotel to have a private time, if you know what I mean hehe. Well we got there and immediately had sex, and when were done about 35 minutes later. She asked to borrow my laptop to do homework, and well that got me kind of pissed bc it was supposed to be our time together. But I cooled and let her. Later wanted more sex, and tried seducing her, however, she was sleepy and said no, at that point I got a little mad and started pacing around the room, she asked to cuddle but I ignored her. I then started asking her for sex, but she kept saying she was sleepy, then she had it and said, “fine, you want it, here” and immediately got into the doggy style position, and idk what i was supposed to do, i was dumb founded and tried telling her nevermind, however, she said “fucking do me” not in the horny way. So i did. After, she went to the other room, and layed down by herself on the couch, i tried telling whats wrong, and started telling her “come on tell me, i paid for this hotel, i let you do your work on my day, when you were supposed to do it before” she then started crying. I felt so bad that I started apologizing. I eventually gave up and just went to bed, she came and slept next to me. We then did it the next morning. Few days after, she asked if we can go on break for a week or two, just to let what happened stay in the past, I said no, and she said fine. A few weeks later, I got upset because she did not tell me where she was and made an ass out of myself in front of her friends. And she got really upset. I apologizes and I thought we were good. Few weeks after, she said she didn’t know how she felt about me anymore, ever since the hotel. I apologized so much that night, I said I’ll never do it again. She said ok. 2 weeks later, she cried, and says she doesn’t know if she is losing feelings, I said “Don’t worry, I know I fucked up, I’m here for you” she got comfortable, again, however it made me uneasy. Week later we went out for dinner but were cold quiet to each-other, and knew what was gonna go down, we broke up outside her house, and she cried, I didn’t, I was trying to be a man.  Next day she came to my work saying she was crying all day, and apologized saying that we should be friends again, and then eventually get back together. I agreed, however we just teased eachother, we wanted to kiss eachother alot and flirted and acted like a couple, no sex no kissing, but teased eachother. Well we eventually did become official, boyfriend and girlfriend, and we tried sex, however, she cried, saying it reminded her of the hotel night. I knew it would of taken longer for her to get over it, and I was going to wait for to do so, no matter how long. I even told her no sex until marriage. And were at the most part happy for the next two months, kissing, hugging, hanging out, and we did get horny together, but no actual sex, maybe just oral but that’s it. Well, on may 4 her brother brought one of his friends from the military, an army dude, and she said that they talked for 7 hours straight, and she bonded with him, and at one point they almost kissed, but they didn’t, and she felt so bad but she didn’t want that. She told me and said she needed two days to think about it. Well 2 days later she broke up with me, not for him, but because she has been feeling that I will do bad again in the future and it scared her. Well I was sad and it hurt like hell. After 2 and a half weeks later she messaged me saying if we can hang out at a fast food place at 2 am at night. I agreed and said hi and hugged and talked for about an hour, she hugged my head saying she missed me, and she doesn’t remember our last kiss and wanted that, so we did, however, it was a kiss as if she still loved me so much and wanted more. But she said that she believes our chapter is closed. I said idk, i wanted more and i made her feel bad for what she almost did that military guy, and said we cant be friends. Fast forward, 3 more weeks, she messages me asking to go to ihop, as friends, where she had a lot of stress and needed someone to talk to, and she even like laid on shoulder at one point, but no kiss. I invited her the next week for a movie but she said we shouldn’t because we aren’t dating and I said ok. But we hung out the next day where she was telling me her current status on that military guy, where she thinks she catching feelings but isn’t sure because she does not want a long distance relationship, and doesn’t want to get attached, it made me really jealous. Now for about a few weeks I’ve been seeing this other girl, im like her fuck buddy and that’s it. So i told my ex about her, trying to get her jelly, but she claimed she wasn’t, until I called the fuck buddy “my fuck nugget” and that’s where she got a little mad bc i used to call my ex “my little nugget.” However, I don’t know if she was jealous or not. I fucked with that other chick to see if i can move on, maybe I only wanted my ex back to be in a relationship. However I was wrong, I enjoyed spending time with my ex just as friends more than having sex with the other girl. I confessed that to my ex and said i still had feelings for her, and even told her a bit of shit about the military guy again. She said we can’t be friends and blocked me on all social media. And the next day she rented a movie with my google account and immediately sent me the money suggesting she knew what she was doing, the movie was Dear John. I believe we built something so strong. And to be clear, she broke up with me because she thought maybe there is more to life than just me, I did hurt so much, and I did change dramatically in the months we got back together, I stopped being insecure, I even, promised her no sex for a long while. My friends think that she still cares for me and that I just need to give her space and ignore her, for her to realize what she left behind; essentially I need make her miss me. Please feel free to ask questions I need to be more specific.


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