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Author Topic: How do I get something going?

March 20, 2019, 01:21:27 PM
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I'm going to try to make this short, but there's quite a bit of stuff to explain.

Background information:

Me: Male, 17, Junior

Her: Female, 17 (assumed), Junior


So, this girl moved from a nearby state to the city where I live in before the school year began, and when school seated, her assigned seating in physics for the semester was at my table group. I got a crush on her and asked her to homecoming (this is back in October), but she said she was going to be gone the day (visiting her old state) but she said it was sweet of me to ask.  (we didn't end up going to hoco) We had a conversation afterward about where she was from and the new place where we both reside, and that gave me some hope. However, she wasn't gone on the day of homecoming so I have my doubts (there's a chance she left after the school day ended). For about a week she basically went out of her way to avoid me, but it got back to normal after. 

Then, in November, we were assigned the same group for a month long project and conversations were friendly from there. We eventually exchanged numbers in a group chat for the project (there was one other person in the group) and we ended up talking outside of the chat (but mostly about physics), and the conversations were very friendly. In the second semester, her seat changed so we aren't in the same groups anymore, but we text every once in a while to discuss physics homework and she is very friendly now with her texts and she says hi when we walk by each other in the hallway.

What I want to do is ask her out, but I feel like I'm dangerously close to the friendzone. I could probably just start a conversation with her during lunch, but it would be kind of annoying to her because I'm just interrupting her studying out of the blue with nothing to talk about. The final option I think I have is this: In my class, if you miss a lab, you have to stay after school with another student who already did the lab and do it then. I'm thinking I could just do that, but there's a chance we don't do the lab together.

tl;dr: She kind-of rejected me and we're on good terms at the moment, but there are complications for me asking her out.

Question(s)/Where I Want To Be:

How can I ask her out? Do I ease it into a conversation?

How I want the situation to be at the end: We have a relationship based mostly on hanging out/talking rather than dating.

My expectation: We go out and have a relationship

March 21, 2019, 08:34:28 PM
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Honestly, just do it. You don't wanna waste time, heck you could die tomorrow.
This is coming from a girl who gets quite a lot of guys. She probably won't mind that much, even if it comes to that she don't care if you're just respectful it's not a disaster and you can more easily move on.
Ask her out. Think of yourself as an alternative person while you're doing it if it helps.