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Author Topic: How can I get to get our relationship where I succesfully ask her to homecoming?

September 16, 2019, 02:29:40 AM
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Background information:
Me: M17, senior in hs
Crush: F17-18, senior in hs (for sake of anonymity, i'll refer to her as Emily)

Goal: So there's this girl that I like, and my goal is for you all to help me understand the situation better and find a way to get her to go to homecoming with me.  I will try to explain as many different details about our interactions as possible so you can try to pinpoint any suggestions/mistakes

Unbiased (hopefully) story:  We're both high school seniors in the class AP Computer Science, and when a new student transferred into the class and took her seat, Emily decided to sit next to me at my table group.  We (the entire table group) generally discuss things/whatever and its always an open conversation during our 110 minute class.  In general, when she has a question about something we're working on as a class, she'll go to me (not always, could just be because i'm closer), but earlier in the year she was asking her class questions to someone else at the table group.  She's generally really friendly, always makes eye contact, and smiles/laughs a lot (even at things that aren't funny, such as me explaining the difference between a class and a method).  This may be her normal behavior with everyone, I don't particularly pay attention to her questions with other students and i've never seen her outside of the class we're in, but I *have* heard that those can be good signs.  She's very, very studious and athletic, to the point of being on the level of colleges like Dartmouth, so she may just be trying her very hardest to get an A in the course.  As of the time of this being written, she is borrowing a mouse from me because her laptop trackpad broke.
My particular questions for this section are: How can I make the most of her friendliness? Am I reading too much into it?  I've never felt this much of a connection in class talking with anyone before, i find that conversations flow very, very easy.

What I know about her:  She is very involved in sports and clubs (one of which I am joining this year for unrelated reasons) and seems to do a lot of stuff with friends (i.e. going to music festivals) based on her instagram page.  The big catch in my plan (which will be explained later) is that I have reason to believe (skeptically) that she has a boyfriend already.  In her transparent phone case, she has a polaroid of a guy at night at some event, and the most plausible reason for this is that this guy is her boyfriend.  The reason I have for skepticalness of this is she also has a lockett necklace that is empty, and usually you put a picture of someone like your girlfriend/boyfriend in a lockett. 
My particular questions for this section are: How can I make the most of joining a club she's also in?  What can I make of her phone case/lockett?  Are the odds that she's dating someone?

My current plan based on tips i've read online(I'd like help revising it):
-Generally be more friendly/talkative in class (Also say her name in a  sentence to be more attention-grabbing.  idk, i heard this helps from multiple  places).
-Break the touch barrier somehow (tap on the shoulder, etc...)
-Get her phone number by starting a table group chat and starting to text her solo (it's worked in the past)
-This is the grey area for me in between the previous and next steps;  I'm not 100% sure how to ramp things up relationship-wise without getting friendzoned.
-Ask her to homecoming dance in late-october.

Any thoughts on this?  Am I making a mistake with the plan?  I don't want to purposefully break up another relationship solely for the benefit of me being in the relationship instead, and I also don't want to lose the opportunity at a friendship if this doesn't work out.  Thanks a ton!

tl;dr: I like a girl who's friendly but might be dating someone.  Can you help me out?


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