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Author Topic: Got back with ex now she's had second thoughts

July 21, 2019, 05:07:01 PM
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was seeing a woman for 2 years.  It was a distance relationship  as she was studying  in another city.  I have a son so we could only meet every 2 weeks.  Our relationship  started in the same city but she had to move to do her Master's. Before she moved everything  was great.  Same sense of humour same interests. Things started going bad after the move.  We'd have drunken arguments usually started by me.  We broke up many times but after cooling down we would always  get back together.
She comes from a big family with 4 close sisters. Every time we'd fight she'd confide in them. Gradually  they began to dislike me and would tell her I was no good. In March this year we had a huge fight. She was finishing off her thesis.  She broke up with me over the phone.  We didn't speak for two months.  After she'd completed her course she reconnected with me.  She texted me late suggesting break up sex. I suggested we have lunch instead. She agreed. At this point she'd started living in my city again. So for the last 8 weeks or so we've  been meeting, eating out and sleeping together.
So last week we had a big talk.  We decided  to get back together.
But this week she had been ghosting me.  I confronted her in text messages. She told me that although  she loves me its not enough  because  we aren't right for each other.
Before our break up in March we had planned  on going to a music festival  together as well as two weddings of her mates of hers. These events are all happening next week. 
She is 35 I'm 37.
I don't know what happened. I can't help thinking that she wanted to end it before the weddings to avoid embarrassment as her family will be at the weddings.  I don't know if she told her sisters she was seeing me again but I suspect she didn't.
After I confronted  her she told me she was really  sorry.  She said she was 'so fucking sad ' and that she loved me. 
I feel like I should give up but really don't want to.  There's a part of me that believes  she broke up because  of her sisters'recation were they to find out about us.  If this is the reason I believe  we could work through  it.  I don't know what to do


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