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Author Topic: Girl I like

May 10, 2019, 08:01:53 PM
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Antonín Dvořák

Hello, I'm new here and just looking for help.

So, I'm 21 years old and during my entire life I never liked any girls. Sure, I was sexually attracted to them but I never had romantic feelings towards any girl. I didn't really care about it.
Well this new girl came to the college I currently go to and she's in my class. For the first time EVER I felt interested in a girl this way.
I've known her for about 3 months.
I'm pretty sure she likes me too. But I don't wanna assume anything. I'm very confident in myself and consider myself an attractive person.
I wear my earphones everywhere I go, always. She started doing it as well a few weeks after she met me.
I eat an apple every day on my way to college since I don't have time for breakfast at home. She sees me on the way and guess what? She started eating apples in front of me. She started to even imitate some of my body language. I really don't wanna assume anything but I really do think she likes me. We also have VERY STRONG eye contact. Every time our glances meet it feels like an eternity. She's very shy around me and gets to the point where her legs shake. I'm very interested in her, and for the first time, it's not about the body. She doesn't have big tits, doesn't have a big ass, just has a great personality and is nice with everyone.
The thing is, I'm scared.
Why am I scared? Well, I'm pretty young and never had anyone as my partner. I have absolutely no idea how to have a relationship.
I also don't have a job since I'm in college and I don't have money of my own yet. I feel like if I were to have a partner I would like to treat her properly, taking her to dinner, to the cinema, etc. But I really can't do that. We're both from different cities studying in the same city which also kind of complicates things. I've been meaning to talk to her for a long time but I'm scared of wichever the answer is.
If she does say yes, (interested in me) I will have no idea what to do. What's the next step? Do we just walk around with the "couple" lable?
If she says no, well then I'm just gonna be sad because for the first time ever in my life I like a girl, and I'm not corresponded.
I've had several girls say they like me but I rejected all of them for the simple fact I did not like them.
I'm also scared it's something like a crush. I overheard her talk to a friend and she said "She falls in love easily". Wich, with all respect, to me makes no sense. I'm very scared she just sees me as a crush because I have a pretty face. I don't want that. I wanted it to last. I really do think she's special.
I have no idea how to approach her and I'm scared of witchever scenario comes up.
I would like some help please.

May 11, 2019, 06:34:38 PM
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Hi hi! :)
Well, i’d tell you for what i read that she might like you too, however the best person to decide that is you, Strong eye contact is clearly a sign tho.
I also think, that if this is the first girl youve been interested in, she must have something special and the best way to find out is getting to know her better. If you really want it to be a serious lasting relationship, it wont base on your or her looks or what you think of her or what she thinks of you  by what she sees. 
Get to know her, go to her and tell her to go take a drink or a meal together, the worst case scenario Would be that she says no , wich, based by what you say, is not likely to happen.
About the “i fall in love easily” you will have to trully know her to know. i consider myself a person that falls in love easily too however, when I fall in love for real, and by that i mean, knowing the perdón better and getting to love them , evry other guy in the world dissapears.

Love is an all or nothing game so if you want her risk it all!!
Best of luck

May 11, 2019, 09:27:56 PM
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Worst case scenario she says no. I think you should definitely ask her out sometime, because she is definetely showing some interest in you and I think you could get to know her and eventually date her.

May 13, 2019, 04:36:41 AM
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I would say there is a clear interest from her, so you need to ask yourself whether you want to try out a relationship with her. If yes, you will need to make a move by dating her. You don't have to treat her immediately to a fancy diner, just going for a drink with the two of you is enough. You need to get to know each other better and see whether there's a click between you and her.
One more tip I would give you is to not ask her literally "to go on a date". I would just ask her out to go for a drink.

May 16, 2019, 02:42:46 PM
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Rami Kamal

Hello there my friend, I am you from the past 27 now, and looking at your post is like looking at the mirror, all I can say is you need to sit with yourself and figure out what you want to do, Im not going to lie to you relationships are a responsibility they require efforts and trust and sacrifices and im not really sure you want to do that (unless you do) Also no number of explanations will ever give you an idea unless you actually try yourself and see, I say date her, be a man approach her and ask her for coffee, talk about your headset music etc you have nothing to lose, best case scenario shes the one that might make you head over heels, or she will be a lesson you will learn from and to be honest we live in a life where guess what you learn from mistakes good and bad ones so I say man go for it you have nothing to lose and dont be scared, If i had a future me writing to me telling to suck it up and go maybe i wouldve used the opportunities that I got

goodluck mate ;;)

May 16, 2019, 02:52:10 PM
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Buck up and just ask her out on a date!  You got this.

May 17, 2019, 05:18:01 AM
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If you really like her, so go and get her,
Good luck for you .
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