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Author Topic: Girl from the internet. Gaining her interest again [21F] [19W]

February 16, 2020, 05:41:21 PM
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At the beginning I would like to say that I have read several entries from other users and compared to those entries, mine may be a little unusual, but I note that this is a serious question, not any trolling. I'm really looking for advice.

We met in an online game, initially we didn't talk much in private, but when we started - we couldn't stop. In time, we started talking in voice chat. We "got closer" very quickly, everybody noticed that and joked that we spent whole days together. After some time (I don't remember who started it), we started to say "my love", "sweetheart" or other such terms in our native languages ​​and of course English. I know what you might think, two stupid teenagers fall in love over the internet, but I assure you that there was a feeling here, I am sure about that. We talked about the meeting, but of course there was one small problem - the distance that separates us. We are almost 2000 kilometers apart, so it would be a big expense for studying teenagers. Personally, I really wanted to meet her, but I knew that this would not be possible. Over time, we began to talk a little less, but I do not know if it is the fault of one of us or that we had a lot of exams. It is not so "sweet" anymore, we are still writing to each other, only less often. I think she might have lost some interest in me. I also know that he writes with another guy, and that meeting new people is interesting, that's probably also a reason. It may seem that the situation is getting worse, but I think there are chances to do something more here. About 3 weeks ago she asked me about universities in my country (erasmus), but not in the city where I live. We talked about my country and then she said "When I get there, you'd better meet me or I'll kill you." Recently things have gone even better because there were some problems with deadlines to that city and the city where I live appeared on the list, so if she chose them we could meet very often for several months, and that's enough time to create a relationship, or to see if we fit together at all. She has a few weeks to choose the country, so during this time I would like to get close to her again and somehow relate to old times to be sure she will choose me. I wanted to add that I have a good friend who is a also a friend of her and even that guy she is talking now to, so I could ask him to get some infos maybe.

I was close with a girl who lives almost 2,000 kilometers away. We wrote a lot, talked, called each other love. Unfortunately, recently (probably) because of the lack of time associated with exams, and with the fact that she began to write with another guy, we have less contact, but it still is. Soon he will choose the city to go to erasmus. The city where I live is on the list. I would like to refer to old times and increase the chances that he will choose this city.

Could you help me? I will really be grateful.

Also sorry for my bad english skills.

February 17, 2020, 04:56:43 PM
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Hi, lenitto

Have you considered what will happen after those few months after she moves again and you are 2000km from each other? I don't mean to be unsupportive but it would be really hard if not immposible to maintain that relationship... If you do that be prepared to everything.Honestly i admire you because you need to be so brave to think about something like that. So if you think you can handle it, than hey - why not? It most certainly won't kill you... it will be a nice expirience at worst ;)


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